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Animagus banners for #225 through #248

So. I have learned a lesson and that is to never ever slack on animagus banners again!

Banners under the cut for:
inabsentialuci bubba_rum classical_wolf pretty_liquor lusimeles lunar47 devils_sidekick dawnfarie corky_dork equalupstairs avocado_love lost_in_dreamz_ malfoymercy dani_ha valkyrie_lisa andromeda0604 supremacy_born foxymsmoxie

*breathes and falls over*

225 inabsentialuci

226 bubba_rum

229 classical_wolf

230 lunar47

231 lusimeles

232 pretty_liquor

233 corky_dork

235 dawnfarie

236 devils_sidekick

237 equalupstairs

238 avocado_love

240 lost_in_dreamz_

241 valkyrie_lisa

242 dani_ha

244 malfoymercy

246 supremacy_born

247 foxymsmoxie

248 andromeda0604

If I've done something stupid like put you in the wrong house, give you a wrong animal, spell your name wrong, etc, please let me know so I can make you a new one. If you for any other reason don't like your banner, just let me know and I'll make you a new one.

The design of the banners is all Kai//slyfoxesq. I figured consistency is a good thing. plus they're superpretty.

Please upload to your own server. :)

Some observations: Holy crap, Slytherins! So many new Slytherin animagi.
But where are the Ravenclaws and the Gryffindors?

If you want a shiny banner you should apply to become an Animagus!
Go here for more information!
Tags: animagus & wilderness, term xiv

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