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Daily Prophet 26th AprilTerm XIII Issue 08


Term XIII, Issue 08                                                                                                                              April 26th, 2009

Apply to be a:
Registered Healer
Registered Animagus
HP Character
Quidditch Player

Writing Activities:

Icon Making Activities:

Sponsored Shops

Gryffindor Shops! Slytherin Shops!

Hufflepuff Shops! Ravenclaw Shops!

Attention Shop Owners!
Would you like to see your banner here? Then come over to this post to find out how!

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. Make sure you join your common room and then check out a bunch of the activities listed here. Also, please check out page 3 for fun in-house news! We hope you'll have a great time at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

Professor, do you think the moon landing was an elaborate Muggle hoax to bolster American patriotism in the midst of the Cold War or do they really have the brain power to make something that can escape the Earth?
- The Vast Muggle Conspiracy Theorist

Dear Conspiracy Theorist,

The muggles' lack of magic does not by any means translate to an inherent inferior intelligence, rather that they then channel said intelligence through other means. Where we have the complexities of magic, they have the complexities of science. I assure you, the moon landing was not a hoax and the Muggles indeed have the brain power to invent a working spaceship. However, you have a fine point there in that the Americans surely would not have been nearly as enterprising in their struggle to reach the moon first if it weren't for their competition with the Russians and subsequently the need to bolster patriotism and to prove that the communist Soviet Union was inferior to the democratic United States.

There's a fine Muggle newspaper called The Lone Gunmen that you'd probably enjoy, considering that you're so fond of conspiracy theories.


Dear Headmaster, I'd like to reduce my carbon footprint, can you reassure me that Hogwarts is indeed Green?
- Earth Conscious in Claw

While as Wizards we have done much in the way of leaving our mark on the world and I'm not going to deny that our magic leaves behind a residue, the issue of reducing your carbon footprint is large in part a Muggle issue. However, there is an ink clearing charm in Albert Gore's text "World Weary Charms" that could be well utilized in order to save parchment. If you require further assurance, Professor Sprout would be happy to elaborate for your benefit, as I'm quite sure she knows far more on the subject than I.

Above all, I commend you on your concern and earth conscious attitude. Did you know that the Muggles even have a day dedicated to these matters? I believe it's April 22nd. You might want to keep that in mind, use it as a day to spread awareness to your fellow students.

If you have a question you can write to Professor Dumbledore here. He will try to answer all letters, though it may be some time before yours is published.

If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

Term XII, Issue 08                                                                                                                                         Page 2

By rhye

St. Mungo's would also like to welcome its newest staff: new Healers-in-Training lucky397 (G). We healers wish you all the luck on your exciting journey to full Registered Healer Status. Drop by our HR department to join the staff. We are always looking for wizards and witches and accept people with an enormous variety of health-related interests.

If you ever watch medical shows and try to figure out what's wrong with the patient, then the latest activity, A Dental Differential Diagnosis, was right up your alley. et_tu_lj (R) was the victorious dentist for that activity.

Time for another health tip from St. Mungo's. The Witch's Health division would like to remind you that it's unrealistic to expect that the end outcome of every love potion is going to be a perfect experience. Sometimes those meetings in the Astronomy Tower are a little disappointing. That's perfectly normal. "It's best," says Healer Violetta Wannabanga, "to share your concerns and feelings with your partner. Before you know it you'll have your own reserved spot on the Astronomy Tower, if you keep communications open."


Quidditch Championship Match Tonight

Ravenclaw vs Slytherin
10pm EDT @ hh_quidditch

Come and support your favourite!

By rhye

The club scene is buzzing. Drama arose in several clubs activities this month. In light of all of this drama, HiH mods have issued an official statement on how we should treat incendiary comments when we encounter them. Please read the statement here in full.

Most important to note (for me, anyway! This is not something I do easily), is that if we see something that we consider an offensive comment, we are asked to "tell the mods of the community, your prefects or [Sas & Steph]". One thing you should not do? RESPOND. Do not respond. For me that is especially hard, but just walk away from your computer for a bit. Enjoy the spring air. Take your dog for a walk. Take your neighbor's dog for a walk. Take my dog for a walk. Walk away from some dogs if you don't like them, but please try not to propagate negativity in our clubhouse!

On a happier note, some winners! Slytherin took top house in poetry, the Slug Club membership debate, astrology in Divs Club, and the witch's equality debate. Ravenclaw House is the expert in hiring DADA professors and in sorting those pesky sparkly vampires that I adore so much. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw both love their text book authors. Hufflepuff house is still missing?

maaiker (R) is adorning the Herbology Club with her new banner. arobynsung (R) is going to be selling her new serum, look out for that! It counter-effects Veritus Serum. theblooddoll (R) had the best student ID design. alight (g) FOUND 95 EGGS. Gryffindor earned the top eggy spot. Eggceptional. Now we must decide whose house to egg.

The new activity everyone's talking about? CHECK IT. alohachary1851, alight, slyfoxesq, and silveredaccents IN THAT ORDER are now sporting tres chic COIN MULLETs. Will you ever be cool enough to wear a COIN MULLET?

I also heard a rumor that there are clubs other than mine and that some of them have activities too, pshaw.

hh_writersblock hh_sugarquill
By absolutelybatty

At the risk of sounding lazy, I am not going to tell you that all of this issue’s recommendations came from the first page of Sugar Quill. Er, oops?
Anyway, that aside, we have a community of fantastic writers. There is so much fanfiction on both Sugar Quill and Writer’s Block that I sometimes have trouble choosing which pieces to feature. Keep it up writers. Don’t let the lack of comments distress you. You have talent. Never forget that.

Now then, my first must read is a bit selfish. Fellow Slytherin, valkyrie_lisa, wrote Ron’s Birthday Surprise for my birthday. It is really the cutest thing. Fred and George feature, and no, my friends, they are not responsible for this prank. I wonder who is??

Speaking of pranks, April Showers by beeinmybonnet is probably the cutest pre-slash I’ve ever read, and this is coming from someone who does NOT in any way ship Remus/Sirius. However, this tale isn’t all about romance, and as Sirius will tell you, Jams is incorrect when he calls it “poofy”. This is a tale of blasphemy and a prank that’s pulled on the original pranksters.

And finally, to spice things up a bit, latenightcuppa wrote a lovely little piece which, it seems, most of the community loved. This is probably the piece with the most comments of any piece I’ve ever featured. Yes, I am talking about What Becomes of Dreams. This poignant exploration of Gellert Grindelwald is a bucketful of angst, and anyone who has already read it will tell you, you might just need a tissue by that 99th word.

Now then, I’ll see you next term. Until then keep writing, reviewing, and next time maybe you’ll be the one in the spotlight.

Reigning Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws first year to seventh year are brushing up on their studies to compete in "Ravenclaw Idol" however unlike the hugely popular television show, there's no humiliating singing and butchering of classics. This is a feat of the mind with riddles from Aristotle's portrait and logic puzzles from Sir Isaac Newton via the abstract painting (where the words come out of his nose). Who will win? Who will lose? Who will lodge their talons into a fellow Claw to win the top spot, Michael Corner?

Got gossip? Spill it.

By lotrangel17

Over at hih_insomniacs there is still lots of late night action. April Activity #1 found foxymsmoxie of Slytherin, corky_dork of Gryffindor and accountingwitch of Ravenclaw coming in first, second and third. Also katiegsr was acknowledged for her writing one Mr. Percy Weasley into a club! Way to go! If you missed reading the drabbles be sure and head to this post and check them out. The house standings for this activity were Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. April's Activity #2: Pimp My Headmaster voting should be up soon so be sure and keep your eye out for that!

The Scavenger Hunt results are as always close for each house. Scavenger Hunt #1 found the Lions coming in first and the Eagles second with the Badgers and Snakes tying with one entry each! April's Scavenger Hunt #2 found Ravenclaw in first this time with Gryffindor and Slytherin tied for second and my Poor Puffs coming in last again. Try to catch April Scavenger Hunt #3: Wizarding World Landmarks before Sunday, April 26th at 10pm CDT and remember you must post your answers during your local insomniac hours of midnight and 8AM.

Last but not least there is one additional post you can check out. There is a Friday Five Social Post here . Come on Insomniacs! Everyone can post so when you're up late at night make a post and have some late night chat.

Until next time remember; “Insomnia is nothing to lose sleep over.”

hih_animagus hih_wilderness
By caketime

Finally our (more or less) newly acquired animagi are here: corky_dork who can catch up with you as a Saluki,
dawnfarie who makes you go "aww!" as a Roborovski Hamstedevils_sidekick can fly away as an American Robin, equalupstairs can hide as a Panther Chameleon, avocado_love picked a Striped Hyena (yay!), lost_in_dreamz_ can explore the ocean as a Bottlenose Dolphin and malfoymercy slinks around as a Persian Leopard!

The first batch of April animagi have been revealed, so go look at that! The second batch of April is also up and running! If you vote on all you'll get 30 points and 3 knuts- registered Animagi get a 10 point bonus. It's worth it!

As for the Registered Animagi's community hih_wilderness: there's a new contest up! What is it? What is it? Click the link to find out! (Ha!)
The results for the 1st April activity "The return of Decryption!" are up: congratulations to the Hufflepuff House for placing first with 56 points. As for Gryffindor-

where were you guys?

As a friendly reminder, the Packmates Program is still up and running. It's a way to earn bonus points on activities by pressuring nudging your friends to apply at hih_animagus. On top of that, the FAQ has been redone, so go read about the changes.

For everyone who wants to frolic around as their own unique Animagi: it's easier than it sounds like!
First, join in on hogwartsishome activities and save up 50 knuts. (Becoming an Animagi is easy, but not that easy!) You need the five series of The Standard Book of Spells which you can get at Flourish and Blotts. Then, fill out the application at this post.
Your application will be put up by the mod in hih_animagus and voted on by fellow HiH members. After that, you choose one of four Animagi choices, write an essay about how you and your chosen Animagi connect- then you are Registered and can go wreak havoc in hih_wilderness!

Remember guys, you don't need to be a member of hih_animagus/hih_wilderness to be able to vote on batches!
Read the FAQ and ready, set, go!

By alight

Party's over, people! Back to class! Er, except for all of you in the Hospital Wing ... Really, they're snakes, how hard is it to move out of the way when you see a HUGE CROWD of them stampeding? slithering? slitherpeding? your way?! Or would the more appropriate metaphor involve a boa constrictor's coils? Either way, Slytherin kind of crushed everyone else during the April 2009 Hogsmeade Weekend. Wow.

In addition to the usual activities hosted by Hogsmeade Mayor laurahonest, seven clubs and three subcommunities accepted the challenge to entertain us. Read the excellent drabbles submitted for the Music Club, Divination Club, and St. Mungo's activities, admire the Dueling Club's creative picture choices, and get an ego boost at the House Unity interhouse lovefest! The big hits of the weekend were collaborations involving the defacement of public property and Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy snogging on a Slip 'n' Slide. Yes, really.

Thank you, rhye, daisyfawhn, senbonzakura77, and silveredaccents, for Social Directing us out of our lonely and awkward shells with role-playing, fortune-telling, talk-with-your-icons, and ship friending memes!

A big round of applause and a standing ovation for darthsarah, willfully, trivalent, slyfoxesq, and silveredaccents of Slytherin; et_tu_lj of Ravenclaw; alight of Gryffindor; and jacedesbff of Hufflepuff ! They participated in all of the Hogsmeade activities!

Congratulations to the winners of the placing activities! Hufflepuff jadecesbff's nudity hex, Perspicuus Pardus, earned first place; Slytherins djmayhem_aubrey and silveredaccents took second and third with the Pepper Spray Hex and Flower Mouth Hex. Hufflepuff came out on top again in the Spring Drabbles: scarletladyy wrote the most popular entry (#2), followed by entries #11 and #9 by slyfoxesq and willfully of Slytherin. Ravenclaw finally reared its head and nearly swept the History of Magic Drabbles when senbonzkura77's Entry #2 won first place and et_tu_lj's Entry #5 took third, but Slytherin slyfoxesq was there to break the pattern with second place for Entry #14. Great job, everyone!

silveredaccents's silver tongue far outranked the competition's in the Muggle Cultural Society's ingenious game of Balderdash. senbonzakura77 the Easter Bunny was the most generous gift-giver at the Easter Basket Gifting Post. The fluffy slash and the crack flowed freely at the Round Robin: A Prank Gone Wrong activity, where silveredaccents, classical_wolf, alight, and trivalent spent hours writing a story that would make JK Rowling weep, one sentence at a time. They earned delicious, delicious cookies for their 3 million 314 comments (laurahonest deserves a cookie just for counting all of them!) alight earned another cookie at the Hogsmeade Ball for being one of the first five commenters on all of the activities.

I'll see you in another six weeks! Until the next Hogsmeade weekend, remember: you can use that Naked Hex on your dorm mates when they steal from your Honeydukes stash!

If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

Term XIII, Issue 08                                                                                                                                         Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By alohachary1851

First, to the Gryffindors that were so eagerly anticipating the column in the last edition. I was lazing, in the Gryffindor way, on a sandy beach, and in true Gryffindor manner, managed to get a decent sunburn when I decided to have more fun playing in the water instead of reapplying sunblock.

Secondly, the pride in Gryffindor has expanded, big Gryffindor welcome (in the form of CAPSLOCK, and SANITIZED TOILET SEATS) to jusbeinkt, summersndtrack, f0rk_and_knife, stamieebabess, richculver, [Bad username: silverotter"], hug_machine, mzmtiger, deatheaterjera, and weddingbeaches!

While Gryffindor may be making themselves scarce across the halls of Hogwarts, the Common Room is a 'rockin and a rollin. Literally. The April In-House is going out with a bang in the form of a Battle of the Bands. There's everything that Gryffindors know and love: friendly competition, rock and roll, and brackets. Well, not sure on the brackets, friendly competition and rock and roll are definite Gryffindor loves.

In true Gryffindor fashion, alight, armed with Whomping Willow hair, managed to participate in every single Hogsmeade Weekend activity in her plight to stave off homework for yet another hour (or day). She earned 791 points, 249 knuts and two cookies. We of Gryffindor send you a heartfelt apology for not being around to rescue you from your boredom.

Since this is the last Gryffindor column of the term, while not certainly my last ( I'll be holding on to this position foreverrr out of love for Gryffindor) I would like to honor you in song (cowritten by latenightcuppa, set to the tune of "O Canada" and written entirely in CAPS):








cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Mafia
By darthsarah

Hello again students of HiH, from your newly renamed Slytherin correspondent!

I would like to introduce to you the newest snake in the den. Please congratulate munanna, nathaniel_hp, mistress_orange, and willfully! They are making their way down to the dungeons for the firewhisky. Good ickle firsties!

As this term comes to a close we in the Slytherin house are working double shifts for our quest for the cup.

Congrats to willfully, trivalent, darthsarah, slyfoxesq, and silveredaccents, the 5 Slytherin Members who completed all the point earning activities during this past Hogsmeade weekend, most of who placed in some activities!. And well done, djmayhem_aubrey who also placed! *claps* We all did so well! Adam also did the math, as he usually does. "I just went through EVERY SINGLE RESULTS POST (from this weekend) [minus Flourish] in the Hogsmeade community, and [our] points [total] stands thus: Slytherin: 3288." (As of April 20th) Congrats to all of us and thanks Adam!

In the normal club activities, congrats to darthsarah (2nd place; create a potion), dani_ha (3rd Place: create a potion), supremecy_born (3rd place; Art ID card, 2nd place; DE mask), slyfoxesq (3rd place; MCS egg hunt), foxymsmoxie (3rd place; DE Mask) and djmayhem_aubrey (2nd place; MCS egg hunt)!

Once again, the Slytherin Quiddtich Team reigns supreme! The stunning match held last Sunday was well played by both teams. The Gryffindor Chasers were really on their game and kept the quaffle for most of the game even as the amazing beater, silveredaccents, and fantastic keeper, absolutelybatty, we throwing evrything they could! Chasers slyfoxesq and slytherati answered the questions at an unbelieveable pace! Things were finally brought to an end when seekerdarthsarah posted the final task of the snitch. It was close, but Slytherin pulled it out again! Congrats! This means that the Slytherin team is playing Ravenclaw for the cup!
See you at the Championship Game on Sunday, April 26th @ 10pm [EST]!

Remember to go Here to look at the most recent Slytherprompt and Here to "get your picture taken".

It is a true Slytherin who is known as much for their sincerity as their insincerity.

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Secret Agents
By andromeda0604

This, my friends, is the last issue of the term. Puffs, let me be the first to say GREAT job, and next term will be even better!

A shout out goes to our spectacular prefects, made of total LUV JUICE, jethros_mom and laurahonest! Ladies, you were the Puff House’s backbone this term and we sincerely appreciate that! Enough of the mushy stuff!
Next, Happy Hufflepuffian Day of Birth to all our April babies, including moi! Also, welcome to our new Puffs endgegner07 and thewordfountain! Glad you’re here!

Another in-house activity success for the month of April! Yay! Over twenty badgers participated in the meme/questionnaire to get to know one another better! In addition to that, apparently we Puffs, sort our off, too! I’m telling ya we keep the points rolling in!

Hey chewyyyyy! Your Charms Activity 5 Obstacle Course was a big fave around the comm! It looks like everyone had fun! Smooches! The DA Find that spell-Word Search was a sensational activity where many of us Puffs tied for first place. luvrpattz_kstew, hisescape, acheeringcharm, and hmrpotter all received fifty points! Woot! Keep an eye out for this month’s Order Sponsored Collage! The comm united for this activity, and I’m certain it‘ll be a beautiful work of art!

This past weekend we had a blast at Hogsmeade and our fairly new Puff scarletladyy came in first with entry # 2, congrats!!! Please check out hers and many other talented students! In addition, snaps for jacedesbff, a fellow ATL-IEN, for first place in the Create a Hex activity ! Those who don’t know that’s a name for someone from Atlanta courtesy of Outkast!
I’m outta here until next term!

Shhh, I’ve got a search and rescue mission in Deutchland! Secret Agent Badger business, don’t tell anyone! Tschuss!

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By bellajedi

So, it’s just about the end of the term, which has been wrapped up with a Hogsmeade weekend! Ravenclaw did fabulously all weekend long, frantically point-grabbing. et_tu_lj participated in EVERY EVENT, so let us all praise her. Will it be enough to overturn the snakes? LET’S HOPE SO. We had a ‘claw near-sweep over at sortedchallenge, with nfgs, deadly_lemonade and accountingwitch kicking butt :D. That’s what I like to see, Vikings!

I also want to congratulate Ravenclaw on our owning of the recent Defence Against the Dark Arts club acitivty. Those are the kind of results we need more often ;D

We have an upcoming Quidditch match – the championship playoff! Please come out and support your team tonight, all the players have worked extremely hard to get there and we're very excited for them - good luck guys, well done for making the playoffs!

Our April in house competition is completely awesomesauce. Go make a gift for someone based on the weekly theme, and grab 2 points a gift. I suggest participation; you get shinies, and poooooints. Vikings love shinies and points.

We are so close, claws. I think with a few more beatings bit more encouragement and threats hard work, we can have our cup back from the Lions *eyes Gryffindor evilly*.

Welcome new claws, albeit a bit late in the term; leggomylegolas7, katayla and maja_li, and cetacean!

I am using far too many smilies and exclamation marks. It’s the MUST HAVE CUP mentality, I assure you. Let’s go, Ravenclaw, we’ve almost got this beat.
Rah Rah, Ravenclaw!
If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

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