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Hello there, students of hogwartsishome!

This is your (lovely) Co-Mod speaking.

Recently, we have noticed that many of you are using sig-tags. This is great! We are happy that you identify enough with this community to actually put so much effort and time into making these things!

We have come to the conclusion, however, that concerning these sig tags, some rules have to be made in order not to restrict the quality of voting and moving around the community pages.

Many sig tags are of a size that makes it hard for people on a dial-up/isdn to load the pages (especially the applications) in a reasonable time.

That is why we decided to set a limit to the size of sig tags allowed in this comm and the sister comms (such as hh_sugarquill, platform_934 etc):

300x170px and 40k (you can reduce the size in kb by saving the sig tag as a .gif file, par example)

<-- this is exactly 300 px wide and 170 px high, and has only 14k.

Remember, these are the limits, anything smaller is most welcome!

You have until March 25th to resize your sig tags if they are too big; after this date, sig tags that are bigger than the allowed size will result in point deduction. :)

If you have troubles resizing your sig tag, feel free to contact Bunny or me by commenting to his entry or writing an email to one of us:

Thank you for your attention!

ETA.: I forgot to add the size in kb; did that now.
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