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Daily Prophet 13th February Term XIII Issue 07


Term XIII, Issue 07                                                                                                                              March 13th, 2009

Apply to be a:
Registered Healer
Registered Animagus
HP Character
Quidditch Player

Writing Activities:

Icon Making Activities:

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Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. Make sure you join your common room and then check out a bunch of the activities listed here. Also, please check out page 3 for fun in-house news! We hope you'll have a great time at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

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Term XII, Issue 07                                                                                                                                         Page 2

By rhye

As we know, the medical sciences are full of puzzles, and it's always best to know where you are and who you are treating before you begin diagnosis. This is why the staff and friends of hh_stmungos did some awesome puzzles recently. Those tremendous Hufflepuffs rolled up their sleeves and got to work, winning the puzzle activity handily.

St. Mungo's would also like to welcome its newest staff: new Healers-in-Training dawnfarie (H), theblooddoll (R), katiegsr (G), moony_blues (R), and valkyrie_lisa (S). We healers wish you all the luck on your exciting journey to full Registered Healer Status. We'd also like to welcome the newest Registered Healer, alight of Gryffindor, who will be joining me in the Neurological Maladies Research Wing. (Pssst, Victoria, I keep the tequila on top of the cabinet, and the beer is in the box of "scroll paper"). Drop by our HR department to joint he staff. We are always looking for wizards and witches and accept people with an enormous variety of health-related interests.

If you ever watch medical shows and try to figure out what's wrong with the patient, then the newest activity, A Dental Differential Diagnosis, is right up your alley. You are given clues and can ask questions, but ultimately you have to decide what's wrong with the patient-- or at least come up with three different possibilities. Better yet, it's dental, so the solution won't be something you've seen on House. IT'S NOT LUPUS.

Here's a health tip from St. Mungo's. Summer is coming and everyone is getting in shape for those swim suit days. The very best thing you can do for your waistline is what muggles call "cardio" exercise, exercise that stimulates your heart. Great examples are running, cross-country skiing, bicycling (this is a nifty muggle invention that you can rent in most muggle towns), walking quickly, swimming, rowing, and rock climbing. Many other activities could fit into this as well. Try to find a cardio activity that you enjoy, and then dropping those pounds will no longer be a chore! Pick-up Quidditch anyone?

By alight

Everyone say hello to the new Madam Hooch: former Ravenclaw Keeper music_simbol! jethros_mom retired on March 17 after ten months of stretching our Google skills to the limit. We'll miss you, Michele, and good luck, Lamia!

March 29, Hufflepuff v. Ravenclaw: Hufflepuff wins!
Only one word could describe this game: close. Both team's Chasers, Beaters, and Keepers were evenly matched. Hufflepuff blocked one goal; Ravenclaw none. Hufflepuff Seeker cheredemoiselle caught the Snitch, but the absence of three Hufflepuff players led to a massive point deduction and left Hufflepuff with a victory by only three points. Congratulations, Puffs! You remain undefeated!

April 5, Gryffindor v. Ravenclaw: Gryffindor wins!
Ravenclaw Beater nfgs should be tested for Strengthening Solution use, because Gryffindor scored only one goal! OUCH. alight of Gryffindor's swift capture of the Snitch won 90 points for her team, but what secured Gryffindor's victory was a 30 point deduction for a player's absence - affecting Ravenclaw this time! After a ferociously played game, Gryffindor wins by 21 points!

The standings are as follows:
Hufflepuff: 487 points, 2-0.
Slytherin: 254 points, 1-0.
Gryffindor: 453 points, 1-1.
Ravenclaw: 693 points, 0-3.

Upcoming matches are Hufflepuff v. Slytherin and Gryffindor v. Slytherin, followed by the championship match. The Quidditch Cup will be awarded in the last week of April. If you are not on your House team and would like to play, sign up now! All of the teams could use players!

By rhye

Gryffindor seem oddly interested in herbs. I doubt it was their love of textbooks that brought them out for the Herbology Club textbook re-write. Gryffs also liked their album covers at the Music Club.

Slytherins won Potions Club riddles and most likely to survive in the wild. They also know the most spells, according to the DA word search. Finally, they proved how much they know about their house elves in the SPEW riddles challenge.

Ravenclaw likewise proved their prowess, on the Charms Club obstacle course.

Top individuals: supremacy_born (S) took first in the Astronomy Club artwork contest. She also took first place at the Art Club, providing us with a new (and very plushie!) school crest. She went on to divulge a secret about Severus Snape to place first at Owl Post Secrets. She also won the title of Dueling Champion, defeating other highly-venerated duelists of HiH. Methinks Eve would be the Goblet's pick for Hogwarts Champion!

absolutelybatty (S) transfigured a muggle book, proving herself an expert at the art. Her housemate, fikuz, discovered... Hamlet. And drew it (him?), for a first place win in DADA.

pasta_and_pepsi (G)-- or maybe I should say her fiance's cat Jasper?-- took first place in prettiest pet club the Shutterbug Society. She also proved her eye for detail at the Fashion Club "Seek the Difference" challenge.

maaiker (R) trumped the deck of chocolate frog cards by introducing her newest design-- Severus Snape. She also saw into the future to know which banner would be most popular at Divs Club, winning first place there.

Her housemate et_tu_lj discovered a dark creature-- the Shadow Stabber-- and wrote about it, for a first place win in DADA. She likewise designed a Death Eater mask that won first place. Hmm... I wonder if designing Death Eater masks is considered a healthy hobby?

omfgerbear, also of Ravenclaw, proved his eye for detail at the Fashion Club "Seek the Difference" challenge.

As always, check out the current tag to try and get your name in the next prophet! Hufflepuff, still looking at you...

Flying feathers and fur!

A duo so delectably delicious and (canonically) dead have found themselves to have a lot in common (aside from being dead). The ginger haired uncle was recently seen getting a pat on the back from his also deceased nephew for, and the Ouija board quotes: "locking that down". No word on what the former Ravenclaw looks like, but her name is alliterative.

Got gossip? Spill it.

By lotrangel17

Things over at hih_insomniacs are still dark but never dreary. March's second activity: That Lonely Island ended with et_tu_lj of Ravenclaw in first place, alight of Gryffindor in second, and slyfoxesq of Slytherin in third - overall the Lions and Eagles tied for first, Snakes were second and Badgers were last. April's first activity hasn't been posted yet but keep your late night eyes out for it. The end of March saw our Insomniac of the Month crowned and this month we shine the spotlight on et_tu_lj, congratulations Kimberly for two in a row! Honorable mention goes to corky_dork of Gryffindor for being tied with number of activities completed but Kimberly earned more total points so she was named for March. These two have gone head to head the past three months so lets see who comes out first for the last month of term! Good luck to you both and lets try and get some more participation to give these two a run for their money!

The Scavenger Hunt races are still very close. March Scavenger Hunt #4 & #5 had the same House results. Gryffindor came in first for both, Ravenclaw was second, Slytherin was third and Hufflepuff came in last for both (this makes me a sad Badger). April Scavenger Hunt #1: Wizard Rock; is going on until Sunday, April 12th at 10pm CDT so be sure and go to this post and complete this activity. Always remember you must post your answers during your local insomniac hours of midnight and 8AM.

Last but not least there are a few posts to check out. There is a Friday Five Social Post here and be sure and go here and wish our March Birthday Insomniacs a Happy Birthday.

Until next time remember; “If a man had as many ideas during the day as he does when he has insomnia, he'd make a fortune.”

hih_animagus hih_wilderness
By et_tu_lj

The few. The proud. The fuzzy. Whether your form is covered with fur, feathers or scales, becoming an animagus means the chance to break out of that same old human viewpoint and see the world with new eyes.

The call of the wild begins at hih_animagus. Everyone can vote on applications, and you earn points and knuts for doing so! The current batch is up for voting through April 11th, so don't miss out! You'll earn 10 points and 1 knut for each fully explained vote, plus an extra 10 points per batch for registered animagi. Even if you have trouble selecting the perfect animal, don't forget you can now earn 5 points for an explained no vote! Check out the new voting guidelines for details.

hih_wilderness is where the registered animagi run wild, with points-earning activities and fun social posts. Results are in for the most recent contest, which challenged animagi to select a new mascot for any Hogwarts house. Congratulations to absolutelybatty for representing Slytherin in style with a first place win. Hufflepuff took the point victory, thanks to second and third place entries from hellkat75 and lotrangel17. In the newest activity, animagi have until the 14th to decrypt HP quotes, so don't miss out!

So with all of that awaiting you, what are you waiting for? It's easy to become one of us. Just join in hogwartsishome activities and save up 50 knuts. (I said it was easy, but it's not that easy.) Buy all five volumes of The Standard Book of Spells and submit an animagus application. The mods will put your application up for voting at hih_animagus and you'll be on your way to finding your inner animal. After that, choose one of four Animagi choices, write a short essay about how you connect, and you're a Registered Animagus! hih_wilderness awaits!

The animagus forms of our March applicants have not yet been announced, but we look forward to welcoming them into the pack soon!

Remember, you don't have to be a member of hih_animagus/hih_wilderness to vote on applications! Read the FAQ and take your first step into the wild!

By alight

Dear Hogwarts Student, we cordially invite you to attend HiH's most amazing event: HOGSMEADE WEEKEND! I know, you can't believe it's been six weeks already, can you? The weekend-long party at hogsmeadewkends begins on Friday, April 19, so clear your calendar! All students are welcome to attend and participate in the games and contests, or just relax and socialize with their fellows. Earn oodles of points for your house and knuts for yourself! If you participate in every points-earning activity that lasts for more than eight hours, you'll earn a bonus of 20 points and 10 knuts!

Don't forget hh_stamping! 30 applications for regular character stamping and the hybrid theme will drop on Friday. Voting will be open until Sunday afternoon. Vote on all of the character applications and earn a bonus of 30 points and 15 knuts! Next Hogsmeade's theme will be Matchmaker. If you'd like to find your Harry Potter soulmate or just discover which character you're most like, fill out the application and get it in the queue ASAP! Stamped members, the "regular" character application has been rewritten, so you might be interested in filling it out again. There are only 30 slots! Don't procrastinate!
If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

Term XIII, Issue 07                                                                                                                                         Page 3

cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Mafia
By darthsarah

Congrats to the Slytherin house on a fantastic Snake Mafia week! We had tons of fun activities that kept us all busy and our minds applied.
6 snakes were given the prestigious title of soldato. Please congratulate boozooka, nike_of_athens, ozbourne, painfullybored, slytherati, and the_gubette. *applause*
Your Dons, Kai "The Fox" and Sarah "The Bunny" (slyfoxesq and darthsarah) are very pleased to present the above "Made Men" along with the over achieving snakes who claim the title of capo. Well done absolutelybatty, abusing_sarcasm, avocado_love, calairiel, dani_ha, djmayhem_aubrey, drakie_cakie, ladylucious, malfoymercy, mrdavismd, pretty_liquor, silveredaccents, supremacy_born, and valkyrie_lisa. To know their "Mafia Names," you'll just have to ask them. They'll tell you, but then they'll have to kill you.

We'd like to welcome the newest snakes to the den. Please applaud and toss money to trouthaven, fogdance, heyjen, of_gallifrey, and drakie_cakie!!! Welcome to the team!

Speaking of teams, the teamwork that the Slytherin house has shown lately has really paid off. Your prefects are so proud of you and proud to report that we are first place in the standings! Let's keep the ball rolling and get that cup in the dungeons where it belongs!

Congrats to the recent winners in club activities! Way to go supremacy_born (2nd -YDE Mask Activity, 2nd- Divination Banner Contest, 3rd DADA Creature: Written, 2nd- DADA Creature: Illustrated, and Dueling Tournament Champion, 1st- Art Club Crest Contest, 1st- OPS Marauders, 1st- Astronomy Constellation), foxymsmoxie (3rd -YDE Mask Activity), fikuz (1st- DADA Creature: Illustrated, 3rd- Divination Banner Contest), slyfoxesq (2nd -DADA Creature: Written, 3rd- Art Club Crest Contest, 3rd- Shutterbug Eye Challenge), absolutelybatty (1st- Transfiguration CYOA), djmayhem_aubrey (2nd- OPS Marauders) and dani_ha (2nd- Astronomy Constellation)!!!

Now remember, keep holy "Bunday Monday," and get to the dungeons and participate in the In-House contest for April! What does Slytherin mean to you?

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Secret Agents
By andromeda0604

Welcome back to Puffs in Passing!

In this issue, we have to give snaps to the whole community of Hogwarts is Home for the united effort in the March Order Sponsored Activity please follow the link for your viewing pleasure. Pictures were being captioned everywhere I turned! Woot for house harmony!
Let’s welcome our new Badgers! From March 22-April 5, 2009 we have jacedesbfft, coeurdelune, wawwhite, scarletladyy, bashfulbubbles, and loobylou2004 so give them a little bit of your love!

Last issue I gave a little scoop about Hufflepuff’s March in-house activity! We racked up the points people! Let’s just say it was over a few hundred! In other news, guys guess who won their quidditch match against Ravenclaw? In an exciting and heartstopping battle we pulled out a W even with some of our poor players getting kidnapped and taken into the forbidden forest! Nothing can stop a Puff on a mission though, because xfortytwo , our ambidextrously athletic Badger, stepped up and played both a beater and the keeper! MVP, mayyyybe? Also, twistedpuppetog , hellkat75 , cheredemoiselle , and music_simbol all put their foot up in the tower to bring home a victory of 144-137! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all tingly inside!

Follow me to the charms obstacle course where Puffs participation was spectacular not to mention creative. Also, we had a wonderful turn out in the Music club activity Can you guess this album?. Just for fun test your music knowledge! Last, but definitely not least our Puff dawnfarie placed third in the Constellation Artwork competition over at the Astronomy club!!
There’s just so much news I wish to bring you, but there just isn’t enough space!
This is the Sirius-ly Smitten Puff signing off saying “Don’t forget to frost your cupcakes!”

If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

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    Sorry this is late! A few other things kept coming up. Member's cut IF YOU'RE ON THIS LIST, YOU'RE SAFE AND YOU'RE STAYING A MEMBER OF HIH. If…

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