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Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

Let's Play a Game - I Never

Let's play a game to get to know each other better, I Have Never! There will be no points awarded for this game, this is just a way to get to know other Hogwarts is Home members.

So on to the game:

This activity was origionally done by abusing_sarcasm, last term during the House Unity Slumber Party. It was received so well, that I decieded to bring it back.

Edit: Wow...THANK YOU everyone for participating in this. I am really impressed with the turnout. :) Keep up the good work, let's see if we can get over 1000 comments.

The instructions are from the origional post.

Here's how it works: Leave a comment with a statement that begins with "I never..." This should be a TRUE statement. However, it should be something you think other people HAVE done. Because you want to make them take shots. :p Now, since we're online and have no real alcohol, we'll have virtual shots that look like this: *shot*

So... Example time!

You leave a comment that says "I never traveled outside my home country," or "I never owned a dog," or "I've never worn a thong."

If I HAVE done it, I comment to your comment saying *shot*

If I haven't done it, I can skip that question.

This way, we get to learn a lot about each other and hopefully have a giggle! :p

I'll get it started below...
Tags: social post, term xiii

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