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April Order Sponsored Activity - House Collages

Welcome to the April Order Sponsored Activity. This month we will be doing House Collages.

How this activity will work:
Basically everyone would be able to submit up to three things (well people can submit more but only 3 will be counted for points) that has to do with any of the houses besides their own. They can submit pictures, poems and/or anything else that can be used in the collage. Participants can only submit one thing for points for each house, they can submt more if they want.

What will happen with the things submitted:
People will comment with something to put in the collage for a house. Then when the deadline for submiting is over, we will be putting the collages together and then presenting them to the houses.

How points will be given:
Details: Points: 5 points and 2 knuts - Participants can submit up to three things (one for each house) for points.

You will only receive points and knuts for submitting something for another house other then yours. For example, a Hufflepuff will only receive points for submitting soemthing for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and/or Slytherin. They can submit something for Hufflepuff but won't receive any points for it.

Maximum amount awarded: 15 points and 6 knuts

Requirments for things submitted:
1.) No animated images
2.) No images larger than 300 pixels combined
3.) Things with solid colored or transparent backgrounds preferred.
4.) Text should be submitted not as an image but as text.


Activity: Starts Today :)
Activity Ends: April 11, 2009, 12 Midnight EST

The collages should be posted shortly after that.

Any questions please ask.

Please comment to the appropriate house that you are submitting things for.

Also please comment with your name and house. Thank you!! :)

Most importantly HAVE FUN!!
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