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The Order: Who We Are and What We Do

We have met a lot of people in our Monthly Order Activites and have made many friends, but unfortunately we failed to introduce ourselves to you. This is our little introduction of what the Order is and we apologize that this is a little late.

Here is some infortmation about the Order and its members:

What we do:
- The Order is a dedicated group of members of HIH, who promote Hogwarts is Home by spreading awareness of HiH outside of the community. We also work within HiH to create a more inter-house cooperative atmosphere.

If you have any activity ideas that you would like to share with us, to promote inter-house unity and/or recruiting ideas, please let us know. We would love to hear them. :)

Who we are:

The Order consists of 21 members.

1 - The Order Mod
16 - 4 Order Members from each house
4 - 1 Mercernary from each house

For information about the different Order positions please vist our profile at:

Currently we have a few openings in the Order, they are: Sorry we are currently full.
1, 2 - Slytherin Order Members - Welcome dani_ha and nike_of_athens our new Slytherin Order Members :)
1 - Ravenclaw Mercenary Position Welcome bellajedi, our new Ravenclaw Mercernary, great to have you with us. :)

If you would like to apply please go to this post:

So without any further ado, I would like to introduce to you the members of the Order.

Order Members:
- eowyn_rain - I'm am Luna Rosie (aka Rosie), from the great, CAPSLOCK capitol, also known as the house of Gryffindor!
I am not a mod of anything, but I do participate quite a bit in the clubs, and you can see some of my fanfiction time-to-time at hh_sugarquill. (Also, I enjoy challenges, so feel free to give me a prompt) I have recently become a registered Animagus over at hh_animagus, and I am now a proud Shetland Sheep Dog! =D

Just a few, quick things to know about me:

*I am a major Booknerd, and would happily live in a library, if given the chance.
*Music makes the world go round
*I have an overactive imagination
*I adore playing games, and trivia
- alwaysawkward - I'm Steph, good ol' Gryff for a full year now (since feb '08) and for all but two months and two weeks of that I've been one of the loverly co-mods over at hh_flourish. This term I also picked up moding duties over at hih_insomniacs. I lean toward more graphic challenges and such and absolutely avoid writing at all costs. I've also jumped on the quidditch bandwagon and by some miracle, was voted as team captain this term. O.o Aside from HP, Supernatural and Doctor Who have sucked away my soul and I spend waaaay too much time online. But, whatever. No one's keeping track...
- lovestyle - I'm Heather Lynn, a not-so-humble member of Gryffindor. (: I've been a lion since November of 08, but I was a member of HiH first in November of 07, where I was sorted Ravenclaw. Being a member of both houses has made my experience at HiH rich and interesting. :D Aside from being an Order member, I also moderate platform_934 and am one of your appeals judges at hih_appeals. It basically goes without saying that I'm a total sorting addict. XD I enjoy anime (namely Ouran High School Host Club and Soul Eater at the moment), drawing (future Illustrator here, woo!), role playing in AIM, and wasting my life away on livejournal. :D Some may say I have no life... and they'd be right. LOL. But it's my no-life, and I enjoy it that way. (;
- rhye - I'm Jess, a roarin' Gryffindor since summer 2008. You may know me as the Astronomy Club guru or one of your sortedchallenge bosses, though I also run the Muggle Cultural Society and have a pretty well known store over in Flourish, the Wild Hippogriff. I'm a freak for Queen because fantastical harmonies matched with killer guitar riffs make my rockin' world go round. I love science, animals, the outdoors, and teaching.
- inabsentialuci - I'm MC (nee Mary Colleen)- a Gryffindor since last October, and I love its general badassery (in fact, I was in surgery when I was sorted due to chronic appendicitis- that I'd "toughed out" for over 10 years). I've recently become co-mod at hh_flourish where I also run a shop. I'm stamped as Hermione Granger, and my animagus is a sarplaninac. My patronus is a moose, 'cause I said so. I am a shameless Snape-a-holic, and there is no other beside the good ship HG/SS. Besides HiH, I run several icontests, a fan community for the Guy/Marian ship from Robin Hood, and I'm trying to get some stamping communities off the ground (since daisyfawhn got me addicted). I also am rabidly obsessed with music (Kelly Clarkson, especially), Hex, Robin Hood, Torchwood, Stephen King, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Repo! The Genetic Opera, vampires, ghosts, ufos... almost anything geeky.

- devils_sidekick - Hi, everyone!! My name is Deborah and I am the mod of the Order. I love to read, write, Harry Potter, traveling, postcards and hanging out with my boyfriend Jonathan.
- jethros_mom ~Michele ~Hufflepuff Prefect ~Hogwartsicons Mod ~Quidditch Mod for 3 terms ~HiH member since November 2007 ~Flourish Shop Owner ~hp_stillness Mod ~hih_appeals Judge ~Movie lover ~NCIS freak
- laurahonest- Lorelei- Hufflepuff- I am 24 years old. I am a stay at home mom of one. My son is a little over 2 years old. I have been married for nearly 6 years.
I was stamped as Lily Evans, I am a Merriam's Bobcat animagus. TermXIII Hufflepuff Prefect and Hogsmeade Mayor. I am also the Art Club Leader.
Away from HiH I am involved in several graphics communities. My hobbies include Graphics making, reading, writing and beadwork.
- loveangelstar - She has been a mercernary for the Order for over 2 terms, a loyal Hufflepuff and she also loves drawing people.
- Hi! I'm daisyfawhn, but all my friends know me by Genny! I am the Music Club leader and have a shop at hh_flourish called the Masquerade Ball. Other fandoms that I love are the Phantom of the Opera and any Jane Austen novel. You will most likely find me in Puff Chat!
- stellazeee - I'm Stella, a Hufflepuff here since Term 3 of 2007. Aside from having a shop at Flourish, I don't run about HiH much (or so I've come to realize). Outside the intarwebs, I love music and jogging.

- chocolatebomber - I'm Ella, a Ravenclaw. I am fairly new to HiH, joining just last term! My interests outside the internet are my tv shows (Doctor Who Universe, Supernatural, BSG mainly) and my cat, who I love dearly!
- lunar47 - My name is Ariel and I'm a 23 year old psychology student. I've been a Ravenclaw at HiH since last November so I haven't been around for too long. I own a flourish shop: Lunie's Reveries. I'm not a mod for anything but I love participating in all the club activities.
- maaiker - Joined the Order this term and is a great addition. She is a loyal Ravenclaw, great at drawing and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
- omfgerbear - Hello, I'm Gerry of Ravenclaw. I've been a proud HiH-er since 2005 when I was in Slytherin, but after a few, erm, years of inactivity I came back to be resorted Ravenclaw! I've since stayed for over a year now, and I've since run the Transfiguration Club, a (sorta dead) Flourish Shoppe, been Prefect for Ravenclaw Tower for two non-consecutive terms, and Debate Leader. :3 Other than teh intarwebs, I enjoy reality television, JPop (esp. Arashi), and various animé and manga series. YAY FOR death eaters THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!

- Hey there! I'm avocado_love and I've been in HiH in the Slytherin house since September of 2008. Outside HiH I write fan fiction, make obnoxious YouTube videos, and have recently completed state certification for water treatment. I'm also a big time MST3k fan.
- djmayhem_aubrey - Adam owns a Flourish shop, he is a great friend, and a loyal and active Slytherin. A great addition to the Order.
- darthsarah - Hello!
I'm Sarah, and a Slytherin mercenary. I have been in HIH just over a year and I am just immersed in almost all of the joining communities.
I'm a co-prefect and a club leader (Young Death Eaters and SPEW). I am a healer and an ermine animagus and write for the Slytherin House for the Daily Prophet.
I love the Internet, Delicious Foods, and garbage TV. I'm a fan of Star Wars, Cthulhu, and XboX games where I can't die.
And I'm awesome.
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