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Daily Prophet 1st March Term XIII Issue 04


Term XIII, Issue 04                                                                                                                              March 1st, 2009

Apply to be a:
Registered Healer
Registered Animagus
HP Character
Quidditch Player

Writing Activities:

Icon Making Activities:

Sponsored Shops

Gryffindor Shops! Slytherin Shops!

Hufflepuff Shops! Ravenclaw Shops!

Attention Shop Owners!
Would you like to see your banner here? Then come over to this post to find out how!

By cheredemoiselle

This week we'll be doing work related to Astronomy.

For Clarification:


Good luck!

Entries are taken from now until Wednesday 11th March Midnight GMT. It's ten points for participation - submit your completed puzzle here!

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. Make sure you join your common room and then check out a bunch of the activities listed here. Also, please check out page 3 for fun in-house news! We hope you'll have a great time at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

I don't know how well versed you are in muggle television, but are you a fan of Doctor Who? If so who would your ideal Companion be, or would you rather be the Companion? Who would be your ideal Doctor? The question comes because, I guess, I guess I'm a bit homesick for the creature comforts of muggle living (even though wizard-life has its perks, no doubt!)... I would rather spend rainy days in front of the telly and not doing my coursework (please don't tell my Head of House). Can we have films in the Great Hall sometime?
Whovian in Ravenclaw

Dear Whovian in Ravenclaw,

Ah, Doctor Who. I'm quite fond of that particular television phenomenon, but from what I've gathered, there are few familiar with Muggle Britain who aren't. As for the issue of being The Doctor or the Companion, I should think that I'd quite appreciate the life of the Doctor. One of my greatest regrets in life is that I haven't traveled nearly as much as I'd planned. Sadly, Canada remains unvisited. If I were the Doctor, that would be the first place I'd go.

As for who the ideal Companion would be, I should think that there's no better person to bring with you to alien planets than David Bowie.

I'll see what I can do about arranging Doctor Who viewings for all those who find themselves missing the familiar sight of a Time Lord's TARDIS.


Professor Dumbledore,
I can't sleep. Not because of classes, those are going well. Not because of stress, I have great mates from mine and other Houses. To put it plainly, sir, one of my dorm-mates has a very bad snoring problem. I mean, it sounds like the Hogwarts Express is pulling in to Hogsmeade. Every night. The bedcurtains just ARE NOT THICK ENOUGH.

A bigger problem is that she is very sensitive (not to mention from a good family) and I don't want to say "You snore like a freight train" to her face but I don't know of any subtle ways to get rid of her snore. I've been trying to look up remedies but they all look quite intensive and a little too advanced medical magic for fourth years.

What should I do?

Sleepless in Hufflepuff

Dear Sleepless in Hufflepuff,

My dear student, I empathize with you completely. When I was in school, my roommate and dearest friend Elphias Doge had the most dreadful snoring problem. I tried to be polite about it for years, but when even the strongest silencing charm fails, one has to wonder what has gone terribly wrong with his respiratory system. By Fifth Year, I snapped. It was OWLs season, and even the most brilliant of minds (e.g. me) have to study. Being kept up all night by one's roommate does not factor well into such a plan.

For you, my solution is relatively simple. I've found that essence of flobber worm has interesting properties which cure snoring. Create a simple potion based upon that, you can find the directions in Peculiar Potions, and slip it into her morning pumpkin juice. I needn't have to say that doing so will provide you with no small amount of private vengeance for all those sleepless nights.

If you have a question you can write to Professor Dumbledore here. He will try to answer all letters, though it may be some time before yours is published.

If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

Term XII, Issue 04                                                                                                                                         Page 2

hh_writersblock hh_sugarquill
By absolutelybatty

For a while, rhye and I were worried we were alone over at hh_writersblock. However, you guys pulled out all the stops. Suddenly, the entries were flooding in. Bravo to all of you who put some effort in!

Once again, I’d like to point everyone in the direction of pretty_liquor. This girl’s got some game. Honestly, there is a reason she gets features just about every article. Could it be because she posts enough to clog up our friend’s list to eternity? Maybe. Could it also be because she is very, very talented? Definitely. Whether it is in Writer’s Block or Sugarquill, you’ll find her magnificent pieces. Check them out. Seriously.

Now I’ll cater to the masses. We’ve got a massive fan following of Remus/Sirius in our community. beeinmybonnet probably knows this. She recently posted a few drabbles written for our fabulous Hogsmeade weekend, and one of them caught my eye. First Words is absolutely adorable without that overwhelming sense of doggie slash that would make this writer gag. Actually, it is quite cute and romantic either way. Remus’s first words to Sirius Black are probably what you’d expected them to be, and no, they are not ‘I love you’.

Speaking of puppy love, there was quite a bit to go around. I suspect Valentine’s Day is behind it. So here, have something completely different!

rhye wrote a piece entitled Aging like Wine which is probably as far from puppy love as one can possibly get. Instead of love, she offers an introspective Minerva. It is a bittersweet piece, and at first, I found I did not like it much. However, once I reached the end for the second time, I found that the use of metaphor in the piece did not bother me at all. Suddenly, I loved the piece very much. Maybe it is an acquired taste; I don’t know. All I know is everyone needs to acquire it.

Now then, that (and everything else that has been posted recently) should keep you all busy for a while. Keep the participation up, and don’t forget to leave your favorite author a comment or two.

By silveredaccents

Everyone at hh_clubs has been quite busy recently! First, there is the new look! Congratulations go to senbonzakura77 for gaining the honor of having her header, banner and icon set used as the new decorations. If you haven't been over there to see them, go! Also, we have the announcements of last term's best club member. miss_un_known, please take your bow! A poll of the club members revealed she was the one deemed best club member for Term XII with runners up niicole_m and slyfoxesq.

Since the last issue, we've had some changes in the club leader rosters. slyfoxesq has taken over the Dueling Club, taking charge with two activities in the second half of February! Also, as of press time, the position of Divination Club leader is still open, musikurt regretfully having to take a hiatus. If interested, go apply here! Remember you must have been a member of HiH for two months to be given consideration.

All the club leaders have been very active, as have the participants! So much so that an entire run-down would be too lengthy.

Gryffindor House has resurged with taking top honors in Astronomy as well as Herbology, and Muggle Cultural Society.
Ravenclaw deadly_lemonade took first place in the Charms banner contest while latenightcuppa took first in the Music Club gaining fame .and points for their House. In addition, they showed up in force for the Gregory the Smarmy Club, The Restricted Section, Sorters Anonymous, and Wizarding Wear
Slytherin House is refusing to give up their energy, taking first among points earners in activities in Charms, DADA, Dumbledore's Army, History of Magic, Potions, the Slug Club, Transfiguration . New Snake supremacy_born now has the distinction of having her banner grace the Dueling Club's wall. slyfoxesq took first in Herbology while djmayhem_aubrey took first in OPS.
But where are the Hufflepuffs? We've seen them around, but it seems they are regrouping to possibly take the rest of the houses by storm.

As of press time, many activities are ending, being the end of the month, but do look out for March activities! We at the Daily Prophet have sources telling us there are going to be some spectacular things going on, so keep checking hh_clubs for all sorts of things to do.

Ginger Twins sneaking female students out of school?

A Gryffindor girl and a Hufflepuff girl have been spotted in Hogsmeade - not during a Hogsmeade weekend - in the company of a certain pair of ginger-haired former students, drinking butterbeers at The Three Broomsticks. Are the girls mearly trying to learn from their elders? Or is there love in the air?

The Mafia forms

Two Slytherins were overheard inside the common room discussing how best to obtain concrete, and whether the Giant Squid would interfere with any objects thrown into the lake.

If any of you have any enemies in the Snake house, now might be the time to make amends...

Why the Rums gone

Apparently, two students were involved in spiking the punch at the Valentine's Ball last Hogsmeade weekend.

The best bit? Neither of the students were in Gryffindor or Slytherin.

Got gossip? Spill it.

By lotrangel17

Here in the land of darkness, otherwise known as hih_insomniacs, the first activity of February ended with et_tu_lj of Ravenclaw in first place, mrdavismd of Slytherin in second and alohachary1851 of Gryffindor in third. House standing of points had Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuf finishing in that order. The second activity of February: The Missing Masterpiece currently has voting ending on the deadline of this article so look out in the next issue for the results.

As always with scavenger hunts, the second and third Scavenger Hunts found a mix of results. Scavenger Hunt 2 found the finishing order of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor and the 3rd Scavenger Hunt found Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin tied for first and Hufflepuff coming in behind. The final scavenger hunt of February doesn't end until Sunday, March 1st at 10pm CST so you may have time to get your answers in at this post . Look for those results soon.

And last but not least you can find some cool threads to chat in late at night. The Friday Five can be found here and this is an interesting one so be sure and check it out. There is also a post about The Dollhouse posted by trivalent here so if you are interested in the Joss Whedon show check that out too. If you are up late at night and need someone to talk to head over to hih_insomniacs and make a post and get a conversation going! Hope to see you there.

By cheesephetamine

It seems that love made our fanartists at hh_sugarquill a bit lazy this time around as there has been no submissions for pictures or drawings since January! I really hope to see some good art next time, let Cupid inspire you and bring us some works, we are dying to see more!

On the other hand things have been busy at hogwartsicons where students have been submiting some very good icon works.

I would like to highlight the work of Samantha absolutelybatty here. She does a great job with textures and the use of black and white to give Lord Voldemort even more character. I like that foggy look and I am sure our readers will like it too!
If you like the 10 variations challenge that is going on since some time now, this month we have plenty of them, for example: variations of Bellatrix Lestrange by graveofdreams from Ravenclaw , also of Harry Potter by slyfoxesq from Slytherin and of Luna Lovegood by alwaysawkward from Gryffindor. Hufflepuff also has their representation this month with the great work of laurahonest who brings us a double character set, with Minerva and Sybil. Very Hufflepuff like indeed to pick the caring characters first!!
Great job everyone, I am sure your houses are proud of you all.

At hogwarts_battle things are on fire! Round 3 was over at the beggining of this month, with this results:
Gilderoy Lockhart, a.k.a. mynamelessname of Ravenclaw won 1st place with 28 total favorite votes. 2nd place was won by Pansy Parkinson, a.k.a enchantedteacup of Slytherin with 21 total favorite votes! and a very nice 3rd place was awarded to Ginny Weasley, a.k.a.that_was_cheesy with 8 total favorite votes!
If you want to see the winning icons check them out here.

This is all for this issue and again, get your pencils and photoshops ready cos I want to see some good original work in the next weeks!

hih_animagus hih_wilderness
By caketime

A round of applause for the first February Animagi: inabsentialuci who can frolic around as Šarplaninac and angelofstrange who can prowl around as a Clouded Leopard!

1. If you are new to hogwartsishome/hih_animagus, read on, if not skip to 2.
If you're new, HI! There's this awesome community called hih_animagus. It's fairly easy: read the FAQ and go rack in those points and knuts.
Remember guys, you don't need to be a member of hih_animagus/hih_wilderness to be able to vote on batches!

Do you want to become an Animagi? Join in on hogwartsishome activities and save up 50 knuts. (Oi, becoming an Animagi is easy, but not that easy!) You need the five series of The Standard Book of Spells which you can get at Flourish and Blotts in hh_diagon. Then, fill out the application at the Animagus application post.
Your application will be put up by the mod in hih_animagus and voted on by fellow HiH members. After that, you choose one of four Animagi choices, write an essay about how you and your chosen Animagi connect and bam! You are Registered and can go wreak havoc in hih_wilderness!

2. If you are an Animagi-to-be whose application dropped in the second batch of February or a (wonderful, awesome) person who voted on the second batch, read on, otherwise skip to 3.
The new Animagi results have been announced here at hih_animagus! Everyone who voted on the second batch of February (if you haven't- WHY NOT?)* sit back, relax, and rejoice in racking in points for your wonderful house. Don't forget to offer guidance to the ickle newbiekins who nicely ask for it!

3. If you're a registered Animagi, read on. If not, back to 1.
What's up in hih_wilderness? The "February, Activity 2 - Characters" has come to an end. On top of that, don't forget that the mods have come up with the Packmates Program!

*I'll vote on the next batch, promise!
If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

Term XIII, Issue 04                                                                                                                                         Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By alohachary1851

Why is Dawson crying? Maybe because Gryffindors aren't participating with their usual vim and vigor or maybe because Gryffindors are heavily abusing him and images like him. It's 2009, Rick Rolling is out (though fondly thought of), obsessively repetitive images are in. Pop into the Tower for a truly psychedelic experience. There are hot pockets being thrown and in another corner Hugh Jackman dances in a Eurotrance Style to The Reader. The Lions may have made themselves scarce in the halls of Hogwarts, but it's only because they are trying to outdo the last person to post a .gif (or even better, or worse depending on who you are, youtube videos).

The Lions have, as always, taken time to properly welcome their newest pride members (RE: CAPSLOCK, FLAILING AND MUSIC SHARING VIA YOUTUBE). Ziggy Stardust says hello to yelenia, 32ndfloor, and constellationed. Welcome to the Lion's Den!

Despite the .gif hunting, Gryffindor pulled in a handsome amount of points during Hogsmeade weekend, taking the Ball by storm, as is expected. Gryffindors of note that weekend were pasta_and_pepsi, a young lion who placed second in the Pin the Nose on the Pygmy Puff activity and first in the Astronomy Club activity. pack1ife amused all with her ode to Sparklypoo, firstplace indeed. The Gryffindor-formerly-known-as "heartstrings", alight took second place in the Animagus activity.Of course Gryffindor graphics queens like niicole_m and alwaysawkward made themselves known with wins in several contests. Excellent, Gryffindor!

For regularly scheduled cracktimes, a BRIGHT SHINY GOLD STAR to lovestyle for being the top commenter in the Anime and Manga sorting discussion. stolenatalanta's banner took third in the Charms club banner contest as well. While Sorted Challenge's sixth week didn't belong to Gryffindor points-wise, yours truly took "best crop" and the next week, Gryffindor took back their graphics crown, with mell_o_drama taking first, rhye taking third, and alwaysawkward taking most sentimental.

Whew, that was exhausting. Time to join the rest of the house in the collective mid-winter nap. Scratch that, I just found a truckload of .gifs. Look, Ben Linus baked you a delicious ham.

cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Mafia
By slyfoxesq

The Dungeons are all atwitter, with new snakes, renewed energy and murmurs of Mafia Snake Week abounding. Welcome to our new recruits, xbackupoffmex, minagaine, loony4lupin, and anyone who perhaps didn't get a welcome the week before. We are so proud of all of you for jumping right in and joining in!

The Snakes have been on the warpath this February, dominating in the St. Mungo's word search, the last batch of Animagus voting, Charms Club's "Origins" activity, HoM's drabble and trivia activities, Dueling Club's banner contest, Potion Club's ethics debate and word scramble, Transfiguration's logic puzzles, the Slug Club's poetry contest, DADA's "Nature v. Nurture" discussion, the DA's dueling activity, the Smarmy Society's casting activity and OPS' Giant Squid secrets, to name a few. Nevermind the outstanding Slytherin participation over Hogsmeade! Could a change in standing be around the corner? We certainly hope so!

Also of note is the Snake's new motto, "Deride and Conquer," the product of our February in-house. We feel it captures the spirit of Slytherin quite well. Runners-up included "Slytherin: Housing Superior Students for Over 1,000 Years," submitted by mrdavismd, and "Cupiditas. Dolosus. Sanctimonia," by valkyrie_lisa. (That's Latin for "Ambition. Cunning. Purity," for all the non-Ravenclaws in the audience.)

Winner's Circle: I would normally take time to individually name everyone who has placed in a contest in the last couple of weeks, but I find that I don't have the space! Instead, let me offer a whole-hearted congratulations to all of you who have placed, and to all of you who have been participating and working hard to earn Slytherin tons of points in the last few weeks. Well done!

I would also like to take this space to offer our sincere condolences as a house to darthsarah. Nothing is worse than the pain of losing a beloved companion, and our hearts go out to you. Stay strong, lovely lady.

If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

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  • Members cut!

    Sorry this is late! A few other things kept coming up. Member's cut IF YOU'RE ON THIS LIST, YOU'RE SAFE AND YOU'RE STAYING A MEMBER OF HIH. If…

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