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Daily Prophet 13th February Term XIII Issue 03


Term XIII, Issue 03                                                                                                                              February 13th, 2009

Apply to be a:
Registered Healer
Registered Animagus
HP Character
Quidditch Player

Writing Activities:

Icon Making Activities:

Sponsored Shops

Gryffindor Shops! Slytherin Shops!

Hufflepuff Shops! Ravenclaw Shops!

Attention Shop Owners!
Would you like to see your banner here? Then come over to this post to find out how!

By cheredemoiselle

4. A branch of magic that is concerned with the magical properties of numbers
5. Arithmancy teacher at Hogwarts (last name)
1. Only Gryffindor of Harry's year to attempt the OWL in arithmancy (last name)
2. One who practices arithmancy
3. Famous arithmancer who discovered the magical properties of the number seven (last name)

This week, we'll be doing work related to Arithmancy.

Good luck!

Entries are taken from now until Wednesday 25th February Midnight GMT. It's ten points for participation - submit your completed puzzle here!

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. Make sure you join your common room and then check out a bunch of the activities listed here. Also, please check out page 3 for fun in-house news! We hope you'll have a great time at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

I like to consider myself a tactful person and usually these sort of situations are easy for me to figure out... but, my friend, he's just SO touchy about the subject of his hair and even the mention of an oil slick on the road from cars gets him surly. How can I casually suggest the use of shampoo (and no conditioner, lest we be greased upon) without hurting his feelings? I think he would actually look less, well, it would be an improvement.
- Perplexed

Dear Perplexed,

Ah, the ego of a teenaged boy. It's a complex and terrible thing, my friend, and must be approached with the greatest caution. I would suggest that you discuss with him why his hair is such a touchy subject, but something tells me that it would earn you a snappy insult and a quick hex. Sadly, rationale and vanity rarely go hand in hand.

This may not be entirely ethical, but there are some advanced cleaning charms in the third stack of the Charms Section in the library. I know of one which is a fine substitute for lavender scented shampoo. Send one your friend's way and let him see for himself how much better off he'll be. Sometimes people need to be forced to see the light, because they'll refuse to accept it for themselves.

That's really your best option if you're the type who's good with charms, of course, and something tells me that you are.

Best of luck.

If you were any Muggle in history (or present) who would you be, and why?
- Curious 'Claw

Dear Curious 'Claw,

Such a simple and seemingly frivolous question, and yet there is so much weight behind such a decision. The mechanics of embodying another person's life, the nuances of magic involved to make it real, will I ever get used to different sized shoes, etc cetera.

Casting aside the complexities of such a question, I should think that I would like to be William Shakespeare. A true genius, if there ever was one.

After all, if all the world's a stage, then there's no better person to be then the greatest of the playwrights.

It's a bit unfortunate that he was balding though, isn't it? I shouldn't like to be balding. A small price to pay, I suppose.

If you have a question you can write to Professor Dumbledore here. He will try to answer all letters, though it may be some time before yours is published.

If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

Term XII, Issue 03                                                                                                                                         Page 2

hh_writersblock hh_sugarquill
By absolutelybatty

Holy mother of crispy crackers! This issue’s Writing Spotlight was a tough pick. There were so many fantastic stories posted to Sugarquill. I was hard pressed to pick favorites.

Participation was up in the Slytherin house. Even I managed to post something. And the Snakes are not short on talent. A big shout of to pretty_liquor whose writing is always a treat to read. She has posted several times since the last issue, and anyone who is interested should check out all of her work right here. You won’t be disappointed.

However, the Slytherin whose work stood out most this time was slyfoxesq. Her piece, Homecoming was a real delight to read. Her Harry is perfectly in character considering the situation, and there were little nuisances in the fic that made me grin. I’m not even a fan of Harry/Ron, but I’m glad one of her friends requested the piece. It had me crying ‘LONG LIVE THEIR LOVE’.

Another piece that caught my eye was a little snippet by arobynsung. Entitled Sunlit Thoughts, an introspective Salazar thinks of Helga Hufflepuff. I’m a sucker for rare pairs, and let me tell you, this just works. It is short, sweet, and it packs a punch for something so short. You will feel the sun rise, set, and rise again even though it is only 129 words.

Finally, a rather quirky piece by rhye, The Curse, seemed to come out of no where. The character of Walburga Black is unfamiliar to me, and probably most of us here. However, she comes alive in this piece. I almost felt bad for Sirius, and that is something. This piece brings a human side to the Most Noble House of Black.

I think I might have been a little too biased this issue, but that only means you guys need to post more! We all have a creative bones in our bodies; let’s put them to work guys!

By silveredaccents

There's always something new happening over at hh_clubs. With 24 clubs, it's no wonder! Club leaders are quite active this term in giving us all sorts of activities to work with. No matter if you favor graphics or text based activities, there's something for you! Recently revived clubs include SPEW, The Gregory the Smarmy Society, and Wizarding Games.

All sorts of spring cleaning going on at hh_clubs. Not only have several clubs started the new term with new banners, the community itself is undergoing a makeover! Go here to submit a new icon/banner/header for the contest and gain eternal (or more transient) glory! That contest is going on until Wednesday, February 18. Still plenty of time to beat your creative muse into submission!

It seems that with the new term, old rivalries may be popping up! (but of course only in constructive ways.) Last term's winners, Ravenclaw, has taken top honors in several club activities, including DADA's obstacle course as well as Divination's "all jumbled up", Charms Club's scavenger hunt and Transfiguration Club. However, not all of the wins were the margin I'm sure the Eagles would like to have. Special props go to omfgerbear for taking first in the Shutterbug Society's Food Challenge. Hufflepuffs showed up in force for the Art Club, taking everyone by storm. Slytherin House, in an apparent bid to make Ravenclaw's lead not so comfortable showed an astonishing tour de force in Astronomy, CoMC, the Slug Club and even the Muggle Cultural Club and Dumbledore's Army. However, before you count out Gryffindor, stolenatalanta took first for the Potion's Club's new banner and chalada took first for Wizarding Wear's Wizarding Stores contest.

As of press time, there are several clubs currently running things. All details can be found hh_clubs or by going here.

More Sneaking Around..

What HiH Puff was recently seen getting down and dirty with a Ravenclaw? We may see some romance in the air....

Ginger Whinger

A certain member of a prominent family with trademark russet coloured hair was overheard complaining - LOUDLY - of her slightly more famous boyfriend. Apparently his skills at world saving are nowhere near up to par with his snogging.

Though a few could argue that his skills with the former are just plain luck.

Got gossip? Spill it.

By lotrangel17

January at hih_insomniacs ended with a Gryffindor and two Ravenclaws vying for the title of Insomniac of the Month. Coming out ahead in a very close race was corky_dork of Gryffindor - congratulations, Kelley, for achieving this title. The second activity of January ended with an awesome amount of participants. House Theme Music came to a close with Ravenclaw on top with 150 points, Hufflepuff right behind with 140 points, Slytherin earned 110 points and Ravenclaw had 90 points going to their house. If you missed these results be sure and check out this post and see what songs were voted for your house. February's first activity "Say What" ended on Friday and those results will be posted in our next issue.

The Scavenger Hunts are still going strong at our late night subcommittee. January's 4th Scavenger Hunt found Hufflepuff on top with Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin very close behind. The first Scavenger Hunt of February, One Hit Wonders, saw Gryffindor in the lead with Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin finishing in that order. If you haven't finished the second hunt of February, be sure to check out this post and complete the Mixed Bag of Tricks before Sunday, February 15th at 10pm CST. Make sure you post during your local insomniacs hours though, so you can get credit.

Also at hih_insomniacs you can find the Friday Five, posted by our Mod alwaysawkward and if you have a moment go back and wish a belated birthday to those who celebrated theirs the first week of February here . If you're a night owl and need someone to talk to be sure to make your own post and get a conversation going with those that share your love of nocturnal HiH activities. Until next month, I bid you all a good night!

hih_wilderness hih_animagus
By caketime

First off, a hearty welcome to the new January Animagi: eowyn_rain who can turn into a Shetland Sheep Dog at will, absolutelybatty whose alter ego is an American Mink, stolenatalanta who can fly away as a Northern Saw-whet Owl and silveredaccents who can soak in the sun as a Northern Ribbon Snake!

The Animagi choices for the first batch of February have been announced, so Animagi-to-be keep your eyes peeled for your choices over at hih_animagus and don't be shy to ask for guidance. As for everyone who voted on the first February batch (good job!) why not saunter over and offer help to these ickle newbiekins?

As for the happenings over at hih_wilderness, there's a Drabble Contest up and running! Get your drabbles in by the 15th of Feb.

On top of that, the mods have come up with the Packmates Program. It's a new way to earn bonus points on activities by pressuring nudging your friends to apply at hih_animagus. What're you registered Animagi waiting for?

For everyone who wants to join in on the fun and frolic around as their own unique Animagi: do not be discouraged, it's easier than it sounds like! Peter Pettigrew managed, did he not?
First, join in on hogwartsishome activities and save up 50 knuts. (Oi, becoming an Animagi is easy, but not that easy!) You need the five series of The Standard Book of Spells which you can get at Flourish and Blotts in hh_diagon. Then, fill out the application at the Animagus application post.
Your application will be put up by the mod in hih_animagus and voted on by fellow HiH members. After that, you choose one of four Animagi choices, write an essay about how you and your chosen Animagi connect and bam! You are Registered and can go wreak havoc in hih_wilderness!

Remember guys, you don't need to be a member of hih_animagus/hih_wilderness to be able to vote on batches!
Read the FAQ and go rack in those points!

By hellkat75

The first game of the season, played on January 31st, was an edge of the seat thriller. Contrary to what was reported in a previous article here at the Daily Prophet, returning Captain laurahonest did not seek for the Hufflepuff team. Instead, they welcomed newcomer to Hufflepuff and HiH, myene_01 in the role of Seeker. laurahonest instead joined hellkat75 in the position of Chaser for the match.

The game started off with Hufflepuff in control of the quaffle, and scoring right away on Beater/Keeper planetgirl_471. Gryffindor returned, with Chasers erinm_4600, alight and corky_dork also scoring on Hufflepuff Beater, justjamoe and Keeper, xfortytwo. The game continued goal for goal until the Gryffindor Seeker, alwaysawkward returned with the snitch. At this stage, the ref mynamelessname took over while coach jethros_mom checked that the seeker search was in order. Alas, the Gryffindor Seeker had misread one of the questions and before she could correct her mistake, the newbie Puff Seeker returned with a completed seeker search and stole victory for the Hufflepuffs. The final score Hufflepuff 287 Gryffindor 197. Well done, Hufflepuff.

The next game, between Ravenclaw and Slytherin will be held the weekend of March 7th-8th, although at this stage the day is undecided. The poll is neck and neck at this time, so if you play for either of these teams, be sure to vote in the poll HERE to have your say.

Congratulations to alwaysawkward of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff's laurahonest, msninacat of Ravenclaw and Slytherin's darthsarah for being voted their team's Captain for the coming term.
If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

Term XIII, Issue 03                                                                                                                                         Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By alohachary1851

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Love is all around us and all that jazz. February has come upon us and with February comes Valentine's Day and keeping to that theme, the Gryffindor In-House is all about spreading the love, without all the mushy stuff. Instead of spit, there's been swapping of sigtags, fic and icons all throughout Gryffindor House.

Canary Creams all around to our newest Lions: kelsigrint, capturedlips, lingering_nomad, ceirdwenfc, justanerdyangel, birdseyeview, maccalla, pasta_and_pepsi, silverapples and jessilestrange! Don't worry you'll go back to normal eventually, though you may find feathers everywhere when you do.

The Gryffindor Participation Posse (of Awesome, yes I just added that, Posse, deal) has some new blood. alwaysawkward joins corky_dork, stolenatalanta, and inabsentialuci and continues the tradition of posting ridiculous youtube videos before every post. Once again proving that GRYFFINDORS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO YOUTUBE.

Right back to business! The biggest news of note from the Spotlight of Glory? GRYFFINDORS SWEEP POTIONS CLUB BANNER CONTEST!. stolenatalanta, rhye and inabsentialuci all placed in the banner competition. Graphics queens niicole_m and rhye placed in multiple banner contests.

Otherwise, the Gryffindor House has been relatively (read: EXTREMELY) quiet of late; is it the calm before the storm or simply the Lions tucking in after the giant end of term party? And the after party, and the after after-party and... well you get the idea. Time will tell.

For now, to all Gryffindors, some words of encouragement from The Clash:

"You can crush us, you can bruise us but you'll have to answer to... OHHHHHHHHH the guns of Brixton."

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Secret Agents
By hellkat75

Welcome to Puffs in Passing.

I'd like to start with a huge Hufflepuff welcome to all our new Badgers, and there are a few. hmrpotter, andromeda0604, irishjewel, kagomehime369, nuclearsugars, alissabobissa, luvrpattz_kstew, wishful_desires and nervexgas all joined Hufflepuff house. I've noticed a few of them have jumped head first into activities and we've even seen luvrpattz_kstew become a regular in Puff Chat.

The big exciting news in Hufflepuff House was, of course, the big win over Gryffindor in the first game of the term. myene_01, a new Puff, was heralded as the hero of the hour when her seeker search snatched victory with quite literally seconds to spare. There was much rejoicing in Puff Chat after the game. Congratulations to laurahonest, who was voted Quidditch team captain.

It was wonderful to see both laurahonest and xfortytwo place third in the sortedchallenge icontests. Well done girls and keep up the good work.

The Prefects also announced the Puff of the Month and Favorite Badger awards, which were awarded to hellkat75 and xfortytwo respectively. Both were touched and excited by the results and by the lovely sparkly tags they were given to show off their accomplishment.

General morale in the Hufflepuff Common Room has been really good and participation in activities has been up. Hufflepuffs managed to earn the most points in the recent Art Club activity, as well as out scoring the other houses in the hih_insomniacs Weekly Scavenger Hunt #4. We also earned the most points in the hogwartsishome monthly debate, due in large part to the mammoth effort put in by Prefect extraordinaire, jethros_mom. Well done, Michele, and all the Puffs that have stepped up to the points earning challenge. It is encouraging to see. Keep up the good work.

Huff Huff Hufflepuff!

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By deadly_lemonade

In the infamous words of the beautiful Robyn (aka arobynsung):
Claws, Claws, where art thou?

The Ravenclaw tower has been suspiciously quiet for the open to this fine month of February. I know the weather up in the northern heights of Scotland and in those overly draughty towers has been bad, but the Gryffindor's seem to be managing just fine. Must be the fur? We'll get them back in the spring when the rain glides effortlessly off of our waxy feathers y/y? You know, here I was thinking that eagle's didn't hibernate. Am I terribly mistaken? Or are us claws hidden away in the hopes that if we sleep for long enough the overly dizzy heights of Valentines Day will rush right past us?

Who knows?!

I can tell you something I DO know...
I DO know that I am going to stop typing like a maniac and tell you all about our NEW CLAWS.
Let's all welcome Kalina (kalina_blue), Carmen (humbuggirl), Angela (coonassblondie) and Elaina (squibbly_lady7) with open blue and bronze clad arms. It's great to have you with us and see you already participating up in the tower!

I hear you mumble reluctantly.

Ravenclaw's official icon queen Anie (aka mynamelessname) placed first overall in Round 003 over at hogwarts_battle, earning us claws 230 points during her time spent participating. Her icons, as I'm sure you'll agree, are so completely stunning that I simply could not get away without showing a few off right here.

I hope you don't mind Anie, they really are amazing! And congratulations again, you really deserved it. Not to mention the overall points win from Ravenclaw! With a considerable amount contributed by the brilliant Gerry (omfgerbear) and equally lovely Mary (senbonzakura77). RAH RAH RAH!

To note another of our graphical success stories, Whitestar (aka whitestar) produced a stunning icon over at sortedchallenge this week in order to steal first place, as well as placing second with an icon equally as gorgeous just a week before. Great job!

Continuing with our deliciously art related theme, hh_sugarquill received a new addition from our very talented Maaike (maaiker) this week. All of her artwork is simply scrumptious and I know that her latest piece will certainly not fail to impress. It's a gorgeous finished drawing of Scorpius and Rose, coloured to absolute perfection. Definitely worth taking a look right over here.

Just a quick note to all you lovely Claws—
Be Clawsome and don't forget to give me something to write about for next issue! LY!

cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Mafia
By darthsarah

Every once in a while, there comes a house that is awesome and everyone wants in. But only the privileged few can belong. We are the Slytherin house, and we would like to welcome the new elite few to the dungeons.
Welcome faustian, fikuz, supremacy_born, theambertrap, corruptravnclaw and equalupstairs. Party in the common room!

There are some really great new shoppes at hh_flourish, and three of them happen to be run by some very talented Slytherins. Head on over and visit Luck, Chance, & Fate owned by absolutelybatty, The Nature Reserve owned by boozooka, and Shadow of the Serpent owned by supremacy_born. They would be more than thrilled to make you some sig tags or icons to suit your blogging and sorting needs.

Participation is up at the Slytherin house and we even led the participation in such Club activities as The Care of Magical Creatures Word Search and The Dumbledore's Army Picture Activity! And with participation, comes points! Well done, Snakes! We're on our way!

You may have notices the change that Slytherin has made with our mascot. We used to be Ninjas. These silent warriors were perfect for the batch of Slytherins that ruled the house,last year, but there are new Snakes now and we feel that our house would be best described by the Mafia. The Mob is perfect, since we all love money, winning, power, and not getting our hands dirty. Cross us, and you might wake up with an animal head in your common room. Don't mess with the Slytherin Mafia.

Now go sort, welcome some newbies, go participate, play in the Common Room, and have fun at HIH!

And stop picking on the other houses! They can't help it!

In Slytherin, women are more dangerous than shotguns.... And Adam will probably just cut you.
-Calo, The Godfather and Sarah, Slytherin

If you would like to write for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please fill in a form at the sign up post.

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