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Term Dates

Hey all!

I'm updating to let you know generated activities are now in the System for the rest of this term.

Also, here are the term dates, the weeks are what are considered for sorting and top sorters. Normal activities can run until the last day of the calendar month without any problems, as long as they're in by the points due date.

Week 1: 26th Jan - 1st Feb
Week 2: 2nd Feb - 8th Feb
Week 3: 9th Feb - 15th Feb
Week 4: 16th Feb - 22nd Feb

Points will be due by Monday 1st March 5pm GMT

Week 1: 23rd Feb - 1st Mar
Week 2: 2nd Mar - 8th Mar
Week 3: 9th Mar - 15th Mar
Week 4: 16th Mar - 22nd Mar
Week 5: 23th Mar - 29nd Mar

Points will be due by Wednesday 1st April 5pm GMT

Week 1: 30th Mar - 5th Apr
Week 2: 6th Apr - 12nd Apr
Week 3: 13th Apr - 19th Apr
Week 4: 20th Apr - 26th Apr
Week 5: 27th Apr - 3rd May

Points will be due by Monday 4th May 5pm GMT
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