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Term XIII Debate - January Results!

YAY I FORGOT TO POST RESULTS. Fail. Lol, anyway, here they are. Sorry for the late! XD

First off, I'm disappointed with the turnout. Very little participation, compared to the previous debates. Also, nobody but one person commented past halftime, which made the lifting of sides rather useless. :( Don't worry, though, I'll find a good, non-restrictive topic for this month.

Anyway, our Top Debater for this month was... jethros_mom of Hufflepuff! WOO! She beat previous Top Debater twilight2shadow by only ONE comment. AWESOME MICHELE BB. You get 30 points 15 knuts for your effort!

Point Totals:
Gryffindor: 54 points
Hufflepuff: 170 points
Ravenclaw: 140 points
Slytherin: 70 points

Yay for Hufflepuff! This marks the first time Hufflepuff got top points thanks to the debate, and it's mostly thanks to Michele. XD Without her bonus 30 points, Hufflepuff would have merely tied with Ravenclaw!

Sorry, I'm lazy and rushed so you'll have to make do with a screencap of the spreadsheet. XD

If you have any concerns whatsoever, please feel free to comment. :)

Gerry//Ravenclaw//Debate Leader
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