Deborah Ruth דבורה רות (devils_sidekick) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

Order Sponsored Activity - What does Hogwarts is Home Mean To You?

Hi Everyone!!

This is the first Order sponsored activity of the term, I will try to do one a month.

Everyone has different reason why they joined Hogwarts is Home. Some are here to make friends, talk about Harry Potter, activies and many other reasons.

My question to you is what does Hogwarts is Home mean to you? You can answer this question anyway that you want. By making a graphic and/or writing. Anyway you can express it, just no voice posts please. Oh, by the way if you write it can be as long or as short as you want, it can even be one word. :)

Activity Name: What does Hogwarts is Home mean to you?
Start Date: 2009-01-24
End Date: 2009-01-31 - Saturday 12noon EST
Points: Participations only: 10pts/5kts

Please sign your comment with your name and house. Thank you!!

Remeber to have fun with it. :)
Tags: term xiii, the order

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