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Quidditch is fun and exciting and not hard at all. It may seem daunting but once you see how a match is played you'll see it's not that hard at all.

The Slytherin team currently has LOAD of openings!!!!

What each position does:
Seeker - completes a scavenger hunt during the match
Keeper - asks one scoring question per round
Beater - ask one (or two) questions per round
Chasers - answer beater and keeper questions

It's all about trivia (except the seeker searches) And it's really easy..but we need MOAR players!!! You don't have to be available for EVERY match, in fact matches are never at the same time/day it varries....Sign up!!!!

The first match will possibly be on February 7th!!!

Sign up to play here and read the rules (and comment) here!!! Just to let you know I will answer any and all questions and there are no stupid questions. Comment anywhere with any questions!

Also if you aren't a Slytherin and would like to play for your house team please sign up with the links above!

by laurahonest
Tags: quidditch, term xiii

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