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Animagus Banners #208-217

Sorry for the long wait, guys! Banners are finally ready. :)

#208 - moony_blues

#209 - hellkat75

#210 - maaiker

#211 - djmayhem_aubrey

#212 - justjamoe

#213 - accountingwitch

#214 - chocolatebomber

#215 - cheesephetamine

#217 - nicevenn

If you're not happy with the image chosen or anything else about your banner, just let me know and I'll make you a new one. This is my first time doing these so I'm still trying to figure out what looks good and all that. :) Also, please comment once you've picked yours up so I know I can delete it, thanks!

Jealous? Becoming an animagus is easy; just buy Volumes 1-5 of the Standard Book of Spells and then fill out a painless application here. The first batch of the new term will go up on the 15th, so you still have a week to get those apps in and get registered this month!
Tags: animagus & wilderness, term xii

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