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Daily Prophet looking for potential new staff!

Daily Prophet Writer's Signup

The Daily Prophet is looking for potential new staff to sign up to our books! If you've ever fancied writing for the DP, now is your chance to get your name down on our list and be in the running when positions inevitably open up over the coming term.

You can specify up to three positions you'd be interested in filling, and when/if your position becomes available we'll contact you directly, before we make a public advertisment in the comm. This is the best way to ensure you get to write your favourite column, so sign up today!

All Prophet staff get 4 knuts per issue they contribute to, and if you write for two issues in the same month you get a bonus five points for your house(although points are under review - maybe it'll be worth more soon?) Be warned though, this is a full time position; if you miss two issues of the Prophet without good reason, we will have to give up your position to someone else. It's only fair, right?

We'll be looking to fill quite a few spots in the next couple of days, so please come and sign up!
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