sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

Term XIV Officials!

HiH Mods: theaeblackthorn & lotrangel17

Gryffindor Prefects: alohachary1851 & niicole_m
Hufflepuff Prefects: laurahonest & jethros_mom
Ravenclaw Prefects: musikurt & omfgerbear
Slytherin Prefects: darthsarah & slyfoxesq

Animagus: slyfoxesq & xfortytwo
Appeals Mod: caketime
Clubs Mods: theaeblackthorn, cheredemoiselle & FIRST TO APPLY GETS IT
Diagon Mod: musikurt
Flourish Mods: orientation & alwaysawkward
Hogsmeade Mayor: laurahonest
Hogwartsicons G**: FIRST TO APPLY GETS IT
Hogwartsicons H**: jethros_mom
Hogwartsicons R**: mynamelessname
Hogwartsicons S**: slyfoxesq
Insomniacs Mod: alwaysawkward
Mungos: coaltrain_613
Order Mod: devils_sidekick
Quidditch: jethros_mom
Sorted Challenge Mod: rhye & orientation
Stamping Mod: moony_blues
Sugarquill: [Bad username: alohachary1851 & latenightcuppa]
Voting Manager (platform): lovestyle
Writer's Block Mod: rhye

Daily Prophet Editor: brownstudies
Debate Leader: omfgerbear
House Unity Mod: cheredemoiselle
Text Contest Leader: FIRST TO APPLY GETS IT
Yearbook Editor: brownstudies

**Due to the relatively low traffic in HI and the fact there are four mods resposible for it, HI has been, well, downgraded, to be considered something more akin to an appeals judge or a club leader. It no longer counts towards the two officials positions limit.
Tags: mod post, new officials, term xiii

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