Deborah Ruth דבורה רות (devils_sidekick) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

House Unity - Happy Holidays Activity

Entry #2

I am sorry to say that the House Unity Holiday Card Exchange is cancelled, unfortunately we didn't get enough people for it. I sent out a holiday card to everyone who signed up, so that everyone would get something. Again I am very sorry about the cancellation of the Holiday Card Exchange.

So instead of that activity, I am going to try something new with everyone.
It is going to be a combination of different things.

A combination of:
Secret Santa (well not really a secret)
Virtual Gift/E-card Exchange
Card exchange

A House Unity Activity that everyone can participate in, without a middle man.

I am going to set up a form for everyone to fill out. You can give out your email address if you want and/or give out your address. Or if you feel more comfortable have people message you for your information.

Do what you want, send out snail mail, e-cards/virtual gifts, graphics and/or whatever you want to your fellow HIHers. Wish each other Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!! Most importantly get to know people.

Just remember have fun with it.

Comments will not be screened, so everyone will be able to interact with each other.

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