Deborah Ruth דבורה רות (devils_sidekick) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

Create an Icon for House Unity Contest

Entry #2

Create an icon for House Unity. The icon has to meet LJ standards, which is that it has to be less then 100x100 pixels and under 40k, becuase what is the point of creating an icon if you can't use it? The icon also has to incorporate all the House Colors and has to have the words House Unity and HIH in it.

The contest starts today, Decmeber 12th and ends Friday, December 19th at 6:00pm EST.
You can enter 1 icon.

Here is how the points will be awarded:
1st/2nd/3rd/Participation Only: 50/40/30/10 points & 20/15/10/5 knuts, respectively

Good luck and most importantly have fun. :)

If you have any question and/or comments not hestiate to ask.

All comments will be screened.
Oh and of course please sign your entry with your name and house.

Thank you!
Tags: house unity, icon contest, term xii

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