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House Unity Activity - Holiday Card Exchange

We are going to be holiding a Holiday Card exchange. Since people are receiveing a lot of email and hardly any snail mail, I have decided on sending cards through the mail to your fellow Hogwarts is Home members. You can send a holiday card, post card or even a letter if you wish. You can even include something small like book marks, stickers, and anything else if you want, it is not mandatory to do so. Have fun with this. this is a way to wish people a Happy Healthy New Year and get to know each other.

I would like to have a few volunteers to help me put this together prefferably (sorry if I messed up this word) 1 or 2 from each house. Unfortunately no points will be awarded this time for volunteers.

The amount of people that you will be sending a card to will be determined by how many people sign up for this activity.

Hopefully, by Friday, November 28th, I will be able to give you a list of the people that you will be sending the cards to. This activity will end the 2nd week of the New Year (the exact date still needs to be determined).

Volunteer Form

Participant Form

In the comments, please use which ever form that applies to you. If you would like to do both please reply in 2 seperate comments.

In the subject please put: House//Volunteer or House//Participate.

All comments will be screened.
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