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Order Sponsored Community Wide Game

Welcome to The Order Sponsored Game, Werewolves!. This is a fun game that we will be hosting for everyone to play. It is quite easy, but the rules do look complicated upon first glance. There are many versions of thisgame, including at-home versions as well as interactive online versions. Depending on the amount of people who sign up to play, we will have a few games going at the same time so things do not get two complicated.

The object of the game is quite simple: stay alive. On the surface, everyone will insist they are the same, but at the start of the game, people will be given different roles. These roles are secret. Some of them may even have special powers. Among the students of Hogwarts, there will be two Werewolves lurking: trying each night to get rid of the students, or even turn the students into one of their own. Unbeknowest to the werewolves, not everyone on the students sides are actually students. Many of them have secret powers that can be used to protect or reveal the students.

To win the game, the students must kill all of the Werewolves. If not, the werewolves will win if they outnumber or tie the students in number (like 1 to 1). The rules, however, will seem quite complicated, but I assure you we have made certain that everything is very specific and easy to understand.

The following roles will be randomly assigned by the mod of the game:

Werewolf. Each group starts with two werewolves. Werewolves know each other's roles and that is it. Werewolves convene with each other during set periods and decide who to kill. Additionally, on "full moons" (every third round) werewolves have the option of biting someone and turning them into a werewolf instead of killing them.

Auror. The auror is immune to werewolf bites (they can protect themselves). If selected to be killed, they can also trade places with one other participant of their choice in the hopes of trading place with the werewolf and having them die instead.

Order Member. The Order Member chooses one person to protect each period; if that person is selected as the werewolves' victim, they will survive the attempt. They cannot choose themselves.

Potion Master. The Potion Master has two roles: He or she has a single-use revival potion. They are informed about who is going to be killed and have the option of using the potion to save that person (they can not save themselves). Additionally, in the event that the werewolves turn someone and the person decides to be good, the Potions Master makes them Wolfsbane Potion which keeps them on the student side. In the event of the Potion Master's death, the good werewolf instantly turns bad. Werewolves can not shift from bad to good.

Inquisitor. The Inquisitor is a detective who may reveal one player per Investigation period by lj-messaging the mod, who will respond with the chosen player's role. The object of the Inquisitor is to identify the werewolves, or, failing that, to identify team mates whom they can trust.

Headmaster/Headmistress. They are elected by the group on the first night. Their only special role is that they decide a vote in the event of a tie. If they die, a new Headmaster maybe elected.

Students. Try to stay alive and have no special powers.

The following roles will be granted based on play:

Docile Werewolves. When someone is bitten by a werewolf, they have the option of either joining the wolves or being a "good" werewolf. If they choose to stay with the students (by use of Wolfsbane Potion made by the Potions Master, above), they do not learn the identity of the wolf who bit them. However, they may receive one clue about the wolf's identity. No more than three werewolves may be active in any group (if the total number of participants is less than 8, no new werewolves can be created), so it's in the werewolves' interests to pick someone they think will be likely help them. (So if a full moon passes and no one is killed, you know there's another werewolf to worry about.)

Ghosts. Ghosts are students who have been killed, either via lynching or werewolves.

3. Each period will last several days. Monday - Thrursdays will be considered "Day" or the "Investigation Period". Fridays through Sundays will be considered Night or Hunting period. Every third period is a "full moon" where the werewolves can choose to change someone.

4. Everyone votes on one person to lynch/arrest at the end of the investigation round, and the werewolves pick one person to kill/turn at the end of the hunting round. The object of the students is to choose a werewolf to "kill or lynch", and during the investigation rounds the werewolves job is to convince players that an innocent is guilty, as well as keeping themselves from being voted.

5. If you are killed, you become a ghost. Ghosts get a special means to communicate (like their own screened posts) and are not allowed to pass on information to living people. However, ghosts can vote during each investigation period on ONE clue to pass along to the living, which must be delivered in the form of a rhyme. Alternatively, players may choose to have a "seance" and forego their ghostly clue for that round in favour of having the ghosts answer one yes or no question. Players must pick ONE ghost for this; that ghost can convene with other ghosts prior to the seance, but not during.

6. Every third period, only if no werewolves have been caught, the living good guys can choose to raise a ghost as an Inferi. Inferi can not speak or participate in discussions (so they can't pass along ghost clues), but they can vote. Inferi can be killed by werewolves, but can not be lynched or turned. Inferi crumble back into ghosts after two rounds. Inferi must leave the ghost community while they are undead.

7. Lynching votes should be done in their own thread with the provison that no one is allowed to respond to a lynch vote. Members are allowed to mount their own defenses in the general comments, with the warning that if things get nasty or personal they will lose their vote since the other community members will not trust someone who is being an ass.

8. ANY house-bashing whatsoever will result in a points-deduction and possibly your removal from the game, depending on the severity of the comments (this would be at the mod's discretion).

I know that was long. Really, but the basic gist of it is that Werewolves wil "kill" someone each hunting period (that person becomes a ghost) and during the "Investigation Period" students will make votes to "lynch" a member of their group. During these lynchings the students and everone on there side will vote for someone they think is a werewolf. The werewolves will be trying to pretend they are innocent and put the blame on someone else, so be careful out there.
Any questions may be asked in this post.
Also, small amounts of points will be given to those who survive each round: 5 points and two knuts.

Did you read all that? Good. Sign up here:

ETA: You must be signed up by Monday Night to play.
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