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sas the investigative hedgehog

October Points


Right. I've re-entered the knuts for this month manually. And rescued the db by editing some horrible sql scripts.

starrybluenight - Loss of points for late points.
bubbly - Loss of points for missing points.
gluedupsidedown - Loss of points for missing points.

sinistrasnape - Loss of points for late points, the points are not featured because they're in the wrong format, and I'm not sure about the totals. I'll let them in next months, but we'll need to discuss it. Contact me when you have a few mins?

I was quite sure that the first week we had enough applications to up the amount of knuts offered, in all the confusion I forgot which was which, so, if you see a problem with the top sorter points, please tell me.

Gryffindor: 13,458
Slytherin: 12,651
Ravenclaw: 12,531
Hufflepuff: 10,103

Bringing the totals to...

Ravenclaw: 26,606
Gryffindor: 24,807
Slytherin: 24,336
Hufflepuff: 18,912

points & knuts.

Application for the mod position will be up in a few days, they'll also be something exciting that I've got up my sleeve, just as soon as I find time to post it.

sas sleep now. x
Tags: mod post, points & knuts, term xii

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