Deborah Ruth דבורה רות (devils_sidekick) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

Slumber Party - Activity Round-Up #1

Thank you everyone for participating in the Slumber Party.   Thank you to our volunteers for posting so many wonderful activities for everyone to participate. 

We still have the following activities open and others will be opening soon.

NanoWrimo - sponsored by Jess
Mash - sponsored by Ella
Pictionary - sponsored by Iratxe
Three Truths and A Lie - sponsored by Annalisa
I Am Like You!! - sponsored by Iratxe
Halloween Story A-Z - sponsored by Rebecca
Let's Invite A Star Guest! - sponsored by Sally
Twenty Questions - sponsored by Mel
Pillow Fight!! - sponsored by Ella
Fanon RP Frenzy - sponsored by Jess
Harry Potter Mad Lib - sponsored by Annalisa  *HURRY UP!!!  ACTIVITY ENDING SOON!!*
HP Universe Best Friend - sponsored by Deborah
What Are You Afraid Of?? - sponsored by Elizabeth and Samantha-Hope
Hogwarts Halloween Theme RPG - sponsored by Maaike
I Never! - sponsored by Camden
Quickfire Stamping - sponsored by Jess
Show Your PJs! - sponsored by Sally
Friending - sponsored by Jess
What Custome Did You Wear This Halloween? - sponsored by Rebecca
SQUEEEE! - sponsored by Elizabeth and Samantha-Hope
Truth or Dare?? - sponsored by Iratxe
Tags: house unity, reminder, term xii

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