Deborah Ruth דבורה רות (devils_sidekick) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

House Unity Activity - Slumber Party

Entry #2

Welcome to the 1st House Unity Slumber Party. The aim for this activity is to get to know each other and to have fun.

Starts: Now
Ends: Monday, November 3rd 12noon EST

Oh by the way guys it this is a 74 hr slumber party. :) This is a world wide community, so it's always night somewhere. :)

A few rules:
- Only people that I have already set up as volunteers can post activities.
- Volunteers please make a new post for your activity please. I am sorry for all the confusion.
- Please comment to the comment thread, if you accidently start a new one, please just delete it and try again. :)
- Please comment with your name and house.

If anyone has any questions feel free to send me a message, leave a comment in my journal, or email me at:
Tags: house unity, term xii

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