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Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

House Unity Activity- Trick or Treat

As you all know Halloween is coming up, in fact it's only one week away.  We will be celebrating it here at Hogwarts is Home.  :)  We will be starting off the week before Halloween with a community wide Trick or Treat and end it with a slumber party, which will last a few days. 

Trick or Treat:
Starting: Friday, October 24th
Ends: Friday, October 31st.

Rules (I will be using the same rules that  mynamelessname used last week, when she did it in Hogsmeade):
Please leave a comment to this post with your username//name//house to participate in Trick or Treating at Hogsmeade. The other Trick-or-Treaters will respond to your comment with either a Trick or a Treat. If someone comments with "Treat," they will give you a gift. If they comment with "Trick," you have to give them some sort of gift. Easy enough, y/y?

PLEASE TRY TO KEEP YOUR NUMBER OF TRICKS AND TREATS EVEN. If I see someone abusing this and just commenting with "Trick" to receive a bunch of stuff, they will be BANNED from Trick or Treating.

Possible "treats" could include graphics, drabbles, and other stuff you make yourself. You don't need to be the best graphics maker or writer. You can also "Treat" with random things that you think the recipient would enjoy, like links to youtube videos, pictures, lolcats, links to websites, whatever. This is just a fun way to show appreciation for your fellow HiHers.

Have Fun!
Tags: house unity, social post, term xii

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