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House Unity Point Earning Activity - What is House Unity to you? - Reminder

Hey Everyone!!

Tommorrow is the last day that you can participate in this activity and still earn knuts and points.

Activity Name: What is House Unity to you?
Start Date: Wednesday, October 15th
End Date: Wednesday, October 22nd
Points: Participation only: 10pts/5kts
Description: What is House Unity to you? You can express it in anyway that you want.

Some ideas:
Write: a story, drabble, poem, song
Graphics: draw, make a sigtag, make some icons

Basically, anyway that you can express House Unity at Hogwarts is Home. All I ask is to keep everything PG-13 and no voice posts. Other then that be as creative as you want.

Comments to people's entries do not count towards participation points and knuts. You need to start your own comment with your entry about House Unity. Please put your name and house on all comments. Thank you!

Any questions just ask!

Go to this post to participate:
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