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Feb. Written Contest!

Here are the results of the Valentine Poem contest.

1st - tangerinesidhe (ghost) and shakiracrazy (student) both of Gryffindor
2nd - dear_prudence of Hufflepuff and spidez of Ravenclaw tied
3rd - dear_prudence of Hufflepuff

Congrats to the winners!

Points for this contest are as follows...
Slytherin: 10
Gryffindor: 180
Ravenclaw: 80
Hufflepuff: 90

PS: as you notice, the links 1st,2nd, and 3rd are links to the official text contest banners. if you have won one in the past, please take it now as well. I do ask that you please don't direct link to it if at all possible though.

Juppy of Slytherin
Contest Leader
Tags: results, term ii, text contest

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