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First Ever Order Sponsored Unity Dance!

Welcome, one and all to the first ever HiH Unity Dance. We at the Order are all about House Unity, and this dance has been our baby for quite some time. There will be discussions, games, activities for points, and a super secret team activity at the end.

The Dance starts now, and will end around 9:30pm EST! So please, come and see what it's all about!

Right now I'm going to ask everyone to sign in with their name, house, and one random fact about themselves. Mingle, chat, and say hello.

Please note: If you want to be involved in the activity that will be taking place around 9:00, please say so, because I will need to arrange teams for it. Also, those who are not signed in by 7:30 will, unfortunatley, not be able to participate either.

Also, I'd like to thank all the Order members who have been fantastic by helping plan this event. <3

My name is: Kat
I am in: Hufflepuff
Something random about me is: I like cheese!

And remember to say if you would or would not like to participate in the 9:00pm team activity. If you do not I will not include you.

ETA: The Team activity will be at NINE PM EST to  appease those  HOUSE fans who want to participate.

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