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House Unity Points Earning Activity - House Unity Banner

Activity: House Unity Points Earning Activity #1 - Create a House Unity Banner for Hogwarts is Home
Points: 1st/2nd/3rd/Participation Only: 50/40/30/10 points & 20/15/10/5 knuts, respectively. 2 points for voting.
Entries taken until: Wednesday, September 17th, 9:00pm EST
Voting Until: Sunday, September 21st, 9:00pm EST
Results On: By Monday, September 22nd, 9:00pm EST
Details: Create a House Unity banner for Hogwarts is Home, that will be used for posts about House Unity. The banner must have all the house colors, have "House Unity" and "Hogwarts is Home" incorporated in it.

Banners' dimensions may not add up to more than 400 px.

Please comment to this post with your banner as well as the url for the image.

All comments are screened, so submit them here and ask any questions here too!
Tags: house unity, term xii

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