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Term XII Layout Contest

Attention to all of you that are graphically gifted and know your way around LJ's coding and CSS quirks! It's time for this term's main community layout contest! Whee! You know you want to enter, right? I mean, who doesn't want everyone that comes to HiH to see their lovely work?

Here are the requirements:
1. The layout must be in Ravenclaw colours their winning of the House Cup. However, it must not be all about the Eagles, even if they are pretty awesome. It needs to celebrate HiH as a whole, and as long as the primary colors in the design are blue and bronze/silver, you can do that however you like.

2. The layout must be easy to read for just about everyone. Basically, this means no forcing the text size, and allowing a decent amount of contrast between text and background colours. (please with the contrast! I can't read light fonts on light backgrounds, it hurts my eyes!)

3. It needs to have a matching icon to use as the HiH Default.

4. You may include any other graphics you wish, but all are optional. Ideas: alternates for the "lj user=" man; designs for blockquotes; a header; background images/patterns; bullet thingies for links; &c!

5. The layout must be based on an S2 layout. It needs to support links on the sidebar for the Houses, Tags, and Page Summary at the very least.

6. The layout must be workable for a free account. (We're not going to Plus, I really despise the ads.)

7. You may need to be able to set it up for us, because I know I don't have the time to tweek things to make them 'just so'. You also need to be open to changes. If we vote for your layout, but the text needs to be darker, or the background darker or whatever.

Any questions? Ask them here and we'll make sure to answer them as quickly as possible. Entries must be in by... Mon, Sept 15th.

Points and Knuts: Layouts are a big deal! For participating, you earn 25 points and 10 knuts. Nice, huh?
First place will receive: 75 points and 40 knuts
Second place: 60 points and 30 knuts
Third place: 50 points and 20 knuts

This is the drop post for the entries. We'd either like a test journal with it displayed, a screenshot, or the css/images provided.

This is also the post for any queries related to the layout.

sas // mod
Tags: layout contest, mod post, term xii

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