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Points Reminders

Reminder that they're due in tomorrow at 5pm BST (UTC+1).

These are activities that I can see haven't had their points handed in yet. I'm good with no confirmations, it's just a reminder. :)

Animagus: Wilderness - Augst Anagrams!
Astronomy Club: Planets!
Debate Leader: Second Debate for August Dueling Club: Create a Mary sue (revised)
Flourish: Shop Points August
Gryffindor: Challenge #7
Hufflepuff: Monthly Contest
Hufflepuff: Top Sorters August Week #5
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting August Week#1
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting August Week#2
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting August Week#3
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting August Week#4
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting August Week#5
Slytherin: Top Sorters August Week#1
Slytherin: Top Sorters August Week#2
Slytherin: Top Sorters August Week#3
Slytherin: Top Sorters August Week#4
Slytherin: Top Sorters Week 5
Sugarquill: August Totals
Text Contest Leader: August Text Contest
The Order: All Monthly Activities
Transfiguration Club: Bonus Points!
Yearbook Editor: Yearbook Salaries
Yearbook Editor: Yearbook Staff Salaries
Yearbook Editor: Yearbook Submissions for August

If any are going to be late please tell me now. I also need to know when they will be in.

I think it's flourish points I was informed will be late? I need to know how many hours.

As it's the end of the term I'll have to wait for all points, so late points mean late totals, means late officials announcements.

Another thing, should these two be included in August totals, anyone know?

Diagon Alley: July Points Bought
Stamping: Hogsmeadeweekend Points

Also, Gryff, you don't seem to have an activity for the 5th week top sorters? You might have brought this up with me?

Sorry for all this, if I'd left itto the morning it'd be too late, but I'd remember most of it, apologies!!

Everyone's got to bear with me as I'm totally exhausted, fell asleep on the sofa and have just woken up to do this, so forgive me for any problems. I'll be back to check tomorrow. Sleep now.
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