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Hey all!

Hey all!

After many many delays I return from my holiday...sort of. I'm at my nan's house sorting things out for her, but thankfully she got broadband for all of her visitors (she rules), but it does mean HiH is getting a LOT less time until I get home about the 3rd of Sept.

Anyway, I've got enough time to come and sort things out, but not find all the things that need to be sorted and catch up properly.

Can people please link me to things they think were important or that I should see that have happened whilst I've been gone (10th August to now). Comments screened.

This also includes emails that people have sent and such, my inbox is, well, overwhelmed and I'm sure hih stuff will need sorting before other stuff because of the end of term.

And also, Steph was spot on.

Points will be due by Monday, September 1st at 5pm BST (UTC+1).

And woo, it's nice to see things running so smoothly whilst I've been gone!

- sas xx
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