"My vacuum sucks." (caustique) wrote in hogwartsishome,
"My vacuum sucks."

I just wanted to pimp The Order.

I'm not going to lie, it probably won't be as interesting as Quidditch captain or something of the sort. In the long run though, I think it will end up meaning a lot more. We need to promote the community somehow if we're going to make up for member losses and decline in applications, and I think the people that are deticated enough to give it a try really show their spirit for this community.

I think it will show unity between 9 great people. I think it will be interesting, to see 9 people from 4 houses made into one small group, striving for the same thing. Kind of like our own in-community Survivor ^-^

I'm really urging you guys to apply. It might be more fun than you think. I don't know what the Gryffies say about me, but I'm sure it's not that I'm boring =P

Give it a shot guys =] It'd be rather sad if I had to do it on my own... but hey, at least I could make myself a shiny icon or something of the sort ^-^

- Caitlyn, Gryffindor Prefect, Leader of The Order, Clarinet Toting Band Dork.
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