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House Unity Activity #1 - Virtual Gift Exchange - FAQ

 Alot of people have asked me about the Virtual Gift Exchange, so I decided to write a FAQ.  I hope this answers all your questions.

 When is the last day? Friday, August 15th

 Can you unscreen the interests people noted when they applied to participate? No. The list of everyone's interests were included in the emails.  If you want to know more of what some one likes and/or dislikes ask them.  This activity is about getting to know people in other houses. I am also not unscreening those comments becuase people have their email addresses in them, I was given the email addresses for the purpose of the activity and nothing else.  I don't want the addresses to be unscreened and someone who is not participating in the activity or not in their group has access to them.

 Are we sending each person in our group something? Yes!

 Can we ask people what they'd like, like if we're doing icons and we'd like to know what they'd like on their's?  Yes, that is the whole point of this activity, getting to know people.

 Can we simply send the poeple in our group their gifts via email any time we want, or shall we post them somewhere?  You have access to people's email addresses, their user name and you can access to the main community.  Do it anyway you feel comfortable.  You can also ask the person who the gift is for how they want to be given it.

 Are we allowed to post our gifts as a community post? It might be fun to see what everyone else got: Yes!! 

 Basically, this is YOUR activity.  Do want you want with it, have fun and be creative with it.  Get to know other people.  Any questiosn please ask.

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