Laissez-faire Mi Amour, C'est La Vie (brownstudies) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Laissez-faire Mi Amour, C'est La Vie

awards banners

hello all,

Sorry for posting to the community, but I'm not sure who I'm asking this of!
I'd like to get permission from whoever designed this term's mod icons to be able to use the four House variants in the end-of-term awards banners. I have them all for Platform, I just wanted to check if it was ok first :)

I'd also like to ask members if they'd mind if the banners were a little bigger this term (ie. over sig tag limit)? I've noticed that one or two of you have used them for sorting in the past, but I could do a much better design if I had a bit more canvas space! I LIED, they resize fine.

cheers, then..

(see Steph, I told you I'd be more on the ball this term XD)
Tags: hih awards, term xi

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