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I bring you all a contest!!

Contest Name: HiH Server Code Contest
Deadline: 23/07/2008
Points: 10pts/5kts for each entry that shows effort, +5/2 for each that wins.
Details: As we know, the site has always had my hastily made error messages, i.e. "I was born to be a dancer, 404, Lie back and think of england?"

So, I thought I'd offer you all a chance to be a bit more creative!

All I'm asking to enter the contest is a base set of our most common ones. That is: 403, 404, 500. We'll then vote on the favourites for each, the one who wins get put as the error message page.

You're also free to make as many pages for other codes as you'd like (max. 1/per code!). If there's more than one entry for any code then we'll vote, if not then the only one entered will be used!

Good luck everyone!

These are ones I can see being returned by the site/your browser whilst using the site:
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
405 Method Not Allowed
408 Request Timeout
500 Internal Server Error
502 Bad Gateway
503 Service Unavailable
509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

More detailed descriptions can be found here.

Any other server codes are more than welcomed.

More detailed rules:
x Enter all entries as links to html pages. They can be hosted anywhere, I can look past free server code. I can accept them as livejournal entries, not in comments tho.
x No external style sheets. Too messy for so many pages.
x They get a blank page of their own, not within the hih site's layout.
x No movies, no music, no OTT marquee. That stuff pisses me right off.
x That said, you can do untasteful bad things for lols.
x Any images will need their copyright bit.
x js allowed (again, nothing external though, all one file), no PHP, MySQL, anything like that. We're aiming for pretty bog standard html and css.
x No graphics that take too long to load. Be responsible page designers.
x They can have lyrics/stories (written by you/used with permission)/quotes/pictures. Things interesting. Think of them as little collages.

That said, Have fun and be Creative!! xxx

ETA: You have an extra week now, I'm feeling kind. x
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