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Month End!!

First announcement. I'm not doing points this month, unfortunately, due to moving house and being internetless there for the moment I won't be able to do the points. I can still check the net at work, but I'm off of work to move house!

Luckily, lotrangel17 has agreed to do them for me, so be gentle with her!! :)

Astronomy Club: Pluto Journal

Care of Magical Creatures: Create A Banner
Care of Magical Creatures: Hogsmeade Contest

Daily Prophet: June Staff Points

Diagon Alley: June Points Bought

Divination Club: Tea Reading

Flourish: Shop Points June

Gryffindor: Top Sorters June Week#4

Hogsmeade: Banner Contest
Hogsmeade: Bonus Participation Points
Hogsmeade: Hogsmeade Dance
Hogsmeade: Hogsmeade Drabbles
Hogsmeade: Hogsmeade Village Puzzle
Hogsmeade: New Drink for the Three Broomsticks
Hogsmeade: Photoshop Activity
Hogsmeade: Social Directors

Platform 9 3/4: Sorting June Week#1
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting June Week#2
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting June Week#3
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting June Week#4
Platform 9 3/4: Writers Block - June

Ravenclaw: June In-House Contest - Claw Theme Song

Slytherin: Draco's Doodles

Sugarquill: June Points

Text Contest Leader: Death Eater Stanza Bonaza!

Transfiguration Club: Banner Contest
Transfiguration Club: Hogsmeade: Sentence-per-Sentence Story

Writers Block: Writers Block, June

Yearbook Editor: Submitting Yearbook Entries for June

A reminder that if points are just not handed in, you get a 60 pts fine and they won't be accepted.

Also, SPEW, your points have been handed in wrong. Each set should have the people's names who participated and then just blanks next to them. These will need to be corrected.
S.P.E.W.: Make a Button for SPEW!
S.P.E.W.: More Than Just A Free Elf

Good luck all of you! From friday and then during weekdays I can answer emails at work, but that's it for a little while, should only be a couple of weeks. Any dire questions, direct them towards the mini-mods.

ETA: Didn't see her post! See, this is what days and days of packing does to me!
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