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Order-Sponsored Limerick Contest Voting!

I recieved 15 Wonderful Limericks!

Activity: Create a Limerick about hogwartsishome
Points:1st/2nd/3rd/Participation Only -- 50/40/30/10 points
Deadline: Entries taken from June 15th - 25th, Voting from June 26th - June 30th, Results July 1st.
Thanks to all who participated!
Please do not vote for yourself.
Everyone can vote!
All Comments Are Now Screened.

Entry 1)
There once was an awesome place,
Where everyone‘s terribly ace.
We all live at Hogwarts,
And everyone purports,
Hogwarts is Home wins the race!

Entry 2)
There is a great club called DA,
which formed to keep evil at bay.
We train and we fight
To protect what is right.
We study and practice away.

Entry 3)
If e'er I must all alone roam
I'm sure to remember this poem
Wherever I go
I will always know
That Hogwarts--it truly is home...

Entry 4)
There once was a girl loved Hogwarts,
An idea she decided to purport.
Call it hogwartsishome
And we'll never roam.
Boy, do I hope this poem's not too short!

Entry 5)
LJ is the place to hang out
But here we can all proudly shout
This comm truly rocks
You will jump out your socks
I love HiH, there's no doubt.

Entry 6)
A place to visit day and night
who's memebers never fight
HogwartsisHome is where we chat and talk
staying up around the clock
visit us and you will get a pleasing sight

Entry 7)
There once was a kid from LJ,
Who went to the Hogwarts one day.
He did not stay long,
For he could not stay strong,
When magic to hard is to say.

Entry 8)
I have a pal
an awesome gal
Who has come
To Hogwarts is Home
And she has lots of fun

So come join
You don't need any coins
Come as you are
You don't need a car
To go to Hogwarts is Home

Entry 9)
There once was a comm called HiH,
and I found that it was the shih!
I killed lots o' free time,
then I wrote this lil' rhyme.
How could anyone ever want to quih?

Often at Hogwarts is Home,
Strange characters the hallways do roam.
Vikings, agents, and ninja
Thought I forgot pirates, did ya?
It all makes for an interesting tome!

Entry 10)
There once was a girl named Hannah
who behaved in a peculiar manner.
While in the Puff house
she squeaked like a mouse,
and waved the Hufflepuff banner.

Entry 11)
There's a community over this way
It's Hogwarts is Home and I say:
There're great people around
And fun games abound,
So come and get sorted today!

Entry 12)
HiH's Hogsmeade Weekend is near!
And all Houses are full of good cheer!
There are dances, chats and games
No two Weekends are ever the same
If you don't go, you'll regret it all year!

Entry 14)
Once upon a time
I found this place that rymed!
It's name is hogwartsishome
It's where I like to call home
With friends and games and dancing feet
This place really can't be beat!

There's sorting and hugs and all that fun
Plus you get to pick the clubs we run!
So come on now let's go together
hogwartsishome is for all a birds feathers!

Entry 15)
If Potter is why you're obsessing,
And your opinion's in need of expressing,
You won't have to roam,
Hogwarts is your home;
Where obsessions are never distressing!

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