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March Knuts Deposited!!!!

March Knuts are NOW Deposited!
So head on over to hh_diagon and go shopping! Also stop by Gringotts and make sure there aren't any errors. :)

ATTENTION!: The following people have unclaimed knuts for MARCH...
*captivus_sensus - 30 knuts
*loveangelstar - 15 knuts

Please let me know if I've made an error and you actually have a vault. If not, then go here and sign up for one by April 20, 2008, or you will lose your knuts!

ALSO, there are a few members who have unclaimed knuts from January & February. This is your LAST CHANCE to sign up for a vault or lose these knuts! Please check this entry and sign up by April 12, 2008!

And finally, for some fun, check out the Street Peddler's newest items!

Have a great day! :)

Sara//Diagon Mod
Tags: diagon alley, term x

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