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Mr. Gerbear

Term X Monthly Debate for March: CLOSED~!

Guys, the March debate is officially closed~! Thank you all for participating! I'm sure all of you had fun. ^^

Our lead question was as follows: Should JK Rowling have sued Steve Vander Ark or should she have been more supportive of this fan publication?

According to the number of pre-halftime comments, the winners of the debate is the
Slytherin and
Gryffindor team, whose side was that Ms. Rowling should NOT have sued. Congratulations! *confetti*

Also, I'd like to extend a note of congratulations to malachic of
Slytherin for being the most active debater! Amazing arguments you had there, Alex~! ^^

Now the point totals:

Point Totals:
Ravenclaw: 84!
Hufflepuff: 32
Slytherin: 76
Gryffindor: 44

And the not-so-long-and-winding participation list:

et_tu_lj - 34pts/17kts
omfgerbear - 14pts/7kts
keakealani - 12pts/6kts
utlawgirl - 14pts/7 kts
gluedupsidedown - 10pts/5kts

malachic - 56pts/23kts
reworkeddestiny - 10pts/5kts
ximxaxstalkerx - 10pts/5kts

xfortytwo - 12pts/6kts
hiddengrace - 10pts/5kts
lotrangel17 - 10pts/5kts

nakki - 12pts/6kts
pack1ife - 12pts/6kts
malibu_xo_rain - 10pts/5kts
zestyzorra - 10pts/5kts

Don't you just love copy-paste? Lol.

So there you have it, people~!

If there's anything wrong with the above tallies, please let me know ASAP as a comment to this post~! ^^

Thank you all for participating, and keep tuned for next month! Next month's topic will be super-special, and I'm sure a there'll be a lot more participation~! ^^ It's about Ms. Rowling's declaration of Albus Dumbledore's homosexuality. ^^ Exiting, right? I can't wait for April, either~! ^^

Gerry//Ravenclaw//Your Ranma-addicted Debate Leader
Tags: debate, results, term x

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