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Jan & Feb knuts deposited

Knuts for JANUARY AND FEBRUARY has been deposited into your vaults! Now you can go buy stuff! While I approve the purchases slowly~

The list of unclaimed knuts are
acaciaskye 45
aquat1cf1sh 15
chocoholic_0721 15
fitful_parley 45
gehgoigoddess13 30
glow_ria 45
healingdark 95
jazz78 15
sinistrasnape 15
trouthaven 25
unsung_heroine 15
wornoutmiracle 30
18075781 9

Please check the list even though you own a vault. There may be mistakes which I did not pick up (such as spelling mistakes, name changes, general idiocy on my part etc). If you are on the unclaimed knuts list, please request a vault from hh_diagon before 20 March or forfeit your knuts (note: only members of the sub-comm can view the entry).

Delivery from the Street Peddlers :
You have received AMORTENTIA from gluedupsidedown of Ravenclaw with the following message:

- Find the street peddlers on the diagon streets to find gifts for you and your friends!
- New items in Flourish and Blotts! Quills and Parchments! Go have a look!

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