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Mr. Gerbear

Term X Monthly Debate for February: CLOSED~!

I'm late. ><

Guys, the debate is officially closed~! Thank you all for participating! I'm sure all of you had fun. ^^

Our premise was as follows: The leaked copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows detrimentally harmed the HP fanbase.

According to pre-halftime points (since this would determine the number of comments and, thus, relative number of valid arguments), the winners of the debate is the
Ravenclaw and
Gryffindor team, who were against the premise. Congratulations! *confetti*

Also, I'd like to extend a note of congratulations to cloud8 of
Gryffindor for being the most active debater! You're amazing, Ian~!

Now the point totals:

Point Totals:
Ravenclaw: 102!
Hufflepuff: 50
Slytherin: 70
Gryffindor: 88

And the not-so-long-and-winding participation list:

pearldrop - 10pts/5kts
gluedupsidedown - 10pts/5kts
omfgerbear - 14pts/7kts
kecchin - 16pts/8kts
keakealani - 18pts/9kts
brownstudies - 14pts/7kts
latenightcuppa - 10pts/5kts
xenylamine - 10pts/5kts

malachic - 26pts/13kts
yinepu - 10pts/5kts
daisy_cannibal - 10pts/5kts
ximxaxstalkerx - 14pts/7kts
eternalslacker - 10pts/5kts

eating_death - 10pts/5kts
cheredemioselle - 18pts/9kts
xfortytwo - 22pts/11kts

malibu_xo_rain - 18pts/9kts
noldoparma - 18pts/9kts
cloud8 - 30pts/15kts
pack1ife - 12pts/6kts
xc0l0rful - 10pts/5kts

Don't you just love copy-paste? Lol.

So there you have it, people~! My first official, community-wide debate~! *waves Hogwarts banner*

If there's anything wrong with the above tallies, please let me know ASAPASAPASAP since it's just a little more 14 hours away from points deadlines. XD

Thank you all for participating, and keep tuned for next month!

Gerry//Ravenclaw//Timezone-Hassled Debate Leader
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