diagon_mod (diagon_mod) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Introducing Street Peddlers

What's this? There is a peddler on the streets of diagon. She has some interesting wares for you and your friends! Go find her and see what she has to offer! Be quick or all will be gone.

Dee//Diagon mod

P.S #1: You can buy gifts for your friends with 'street peddlers', with message attached. It will be 'delivered' or announced via another one of these posts! Of course you can buy it for yourself too.

P.S #2: Only ONE item can be purchased per month for each person! Don't hog all the stock.

P.S #3: The peddler's item will change each month.

P.S #4: I will update all purchases tonight or tomorrow. I know I have been slack in approving purchases ;p

P.S #5: The January knuts will be announced when Sas is done with tallying up everything. Can't you see she is busy?!?!

P.S #6: LOL My P.S are longer than my actual message! I'm really done now. Feel free to comment and vent your frustrations on me! :)
Tags: diagon alley, term x

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