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Term X: Officials Icons

*nervous laugh* like I'd forget I was running two contests...


... *ahem*

Right, voting for the layout contest will be up later tonight when I get home. Until then, here's the results for the officials icontest voting thing!

1st pearldrop of Ravenclaw, with:

2nd _shaomao_ of Gryffindor, with:

3rd mynamelessname of Ravenclaw, with:

Gryffindor: 40
Hufflepuff: 20
Ravenclaw: 180
Slytherin: 10

_shaomao_ - 15

stellazeee - 10

viridian_virtue - 20
pearldrop - 30
sunflower_pixie - 15
gluedupsidedown - 15

allyourinsides - 5

Well done everyone!!

pearldrop, Link to the list of what we need :)

Also, just as a favour, mynamelessname can I have one that says 'HiH mod' and one that says 'Clubs mod' from your set that came third please? Just me asking a favour cause I rather liked them :)
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