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Hogsmeade Activity Banners

The activity banners to the Official Banner Earning Activities of the Hogsmeade Holiday Weekend 2007 are here. Under the cut is a list of links to all 12 sets of banners.

H.W. Banner Making Contest: HERE

H.W. Icon Making Contest: HERE

Cast The Epilogue Contest: HERE

HiH_Insomniacs: Fan Fic Drabble: HERE

HiH _Insomniacs: LOLPotter Contest: HERE

Hogsmeade Matchmaker Service: HERE

Music Club Contest: HERE

HH_Order: Scavenger Hunt: HERE

Owl Post Secret: HERE

Shutterbug Society: Transfiguration Photo Contest: HERE

H.W. Text Contest: HERE

The Yule Ball: HERE NOTE: Banners Are Clickable Thumbnail Links

Please save your banners to your computer. If there are any errors or if there is not a banner for you in an activity that you earned one, please let me know.

Also, a very big thank you to the lovely and talented Heather Lynn, lovestyle of Ravenclaw, for her assistance with these banners. She came up with the banner concept and produced banners for 6 of the 12 activities, choosing to do many which had high participation. She was quite literally a banner making machine. Again, thank you for your help, it was greatly appreciated.
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