Laissez-faire Mi Amour, C'est La Vie (brownstudies) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Laissez-faire Mi Amour, C'est La Vie

Hello All,

Sorry for the ambush, but i've been moved to make a post for those that may not already know; One of the applicants over at platform934 has made edits to her app, following multiple no votes. I'd normally just leave it up to the mods to announce, or for people to stumble over it by chance, but it's so very rare to see an adequate elaboration; She's put so much effort into this. She deserves to lose all those no votes and get sorted this week!

If you didnt already know, or you missed a modly post telling you as much, please go back and modify your vote for this girl - she really deserves it.

...right, er. Impassioned rant over. Carry on!

Tags: platform, term xx

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