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DECEMBER Knuts Deposited!

December knuts are in your vaults! Head over Gringotts to look at how rich you are (and check for any mistakes of mine)!!

Whee~ I deposited them within a day of the posting of knuts/points list. No, I wasn't bumming around the internet waiting for the results for the house cup! Congrats to the Ravenclaw House for being such an awesome bunch, and earned the House Cup with their hard work!! Figured I should deposit them as soon as possible, not waiting for all the mess/confusion of officials at the start of every term.

As always, there are people who earned knuts in DECEMBER without owning a vault yet. So will the people on the list below please head over HERE to claim a vault before 25 Jan 2008, or else forfeit the knuts. Other people should check the list too, in case of spelling mistakes, name changes and general idiocy of mine.

arinelle 45
brighty 45
chocoholic_0721 45
colour_me_troll 45
dewest 35
glow_ria 45
krystalblaze 30
lovetheillusion 15
parisstar23 15
trouthaven 5
who_la_hoop 15

There's a fifty-fifty chance that I will still be the Diagon Mod this term. If so, wait for some interesting changes in Diagon Alley!! If not, best of luck for the next Diagon Mod! :)
Tags: diagon alley, points & knuts, term ix

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