newborn_doe (newborn_doe) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Shpadoinkle's (a diagon shop advertisement!)

Woah! Lots of things happening in HIH since my period of erratic internet/computer availability. Nearly missed the officials applications deadline by an hour!

Just a reminder and a mighty shove for the people who have lots of knuts (i.e. money hoarders)... There is this wonderful shop in hh_diagon that changes knuts into points! One house point for every 2 knuts! Isn't that great? A way to contribute to your house points PLUS emptying your overflowing vault! A double whammy! There's no point in money hoarding when a house cup is on the line!! So, head over to SHPADOINKILES to swap knuts for points!

I will be updating the rest of the purchases on the Jan 2nd, then putting in the points on that day. So get in your purchases quick!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! ^_^

Dee//Hufflepuff//Diagon Mod
Tags: diagon alley, term ix, useful

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