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Hogsmeade Holiday Weekend 2007

DECEMBER 7th - 9th

Yes indeed, Hogsmeade Weekend starts this Friday at 6:30 pm EST!
NOTE: All times given for Hogmeade Weekend is EST, Eastern Standard Time

There will be a host of fun activities happening that weekend, including our very own YULE BALL on Saturday, December 8th. The ball will begin at 1:00 pm EST and continue until I'm too tired to stay up and post activities for the ball.

Hogsmeade Weekends is a chance to earn house points as well as mingle with and get to know your fellow HiH members from all of the houses. But you must be a member of hogsmeadewkends to participate. So if you haven't already, go there and friend that community. I will be approving memberships every day so that everyone can be a part of the fun.

This time around you will only earn house points for specific Points Earning Activites. You will earn a Participation Banner for everything that you participate in. These will be posted as Banner Earning Events. Everyone who earns a complete set of all f the banners will receive a special bonus points award.

FLOURISH and BLOTTS SHOPOWNERS! will be offering special Hogmeade Holiday Weekend 2007 sig tags and icons all during the weekend. Shop owners, check out THIS POST for more information.

CLUB ACTIVITIES We will have special club events held by The Order, The Music Club, Owl Post Secret, Insomniacs, Shutterbugs and a Text Contest as well. If you are the mod of a comm holding an event, or want to hold an event during the weekend, please look for further info under the cut

Community Mods who have spoken to me about holding a Hogmeade Weekend event; please post your activity info here for me. I am going to do a complete post of all activities for approval with the HiH Mods and want to have all of the info. Please post this info even if you have already posted it for approval.

If you are a club leader or community official that wants to host a weekend event; please post that info here as well. I want to post the entire activity approval post by Thursday at the very latest. So sooner is better. Comments are being screened.

NOTE: there will be activity banners given for participation in weekend activities. Please let me know if you want to create your banner for your activity or if you would like me to handle that.

VOLUNTEERS... I can still use a couple of helping hands to assist with the weekend and the follow up

I have points counting volunteers from Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. I would like at least one person from each house, so I can use a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin.

I can also use one or 2 more graphics people to assist with making participation banners.

If you can help out please reply here.

I hope you will all come out and join us this weekend and be part of the fun. If you have any ideas or suggestions I am more than willing to listen, so please leave them in a screened comment to this post. Look forward to seeing you all this weekend at the Hogsmeade Holiday Weekend 2007!
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