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Hogsmeade Weekends - December 7th - 9th

The next Hogsmeade Weekends will be held on December 7th through the 9th. If you are a new member and have not joined that community, go to hogsmeadewkends and sign up! The theme of the Term 9 Hogsmeade Weekend will be....

"Hogsmeade Holiday Weekend 2007!"

This time out, based on suggestions and comments, things will be done a bit differently. Only "Official Points Activities" will earn you house points. There will be discussions and get-to-know-you posts, but those will be strictly for the purpose of interacting with your fellow HiHers.

Several clubs and communities have contacted me about doing a Hogsmeade Weekend activity. If you are the mod for an HiH Comm that would like to do something for the weekend, please contact me or reply to THIS POST

There will be character stamping at hh_stamping and on Saturday we will be hosting our YULE BALL 2007! Which will be filled with fun activities.

For each activity that you participate in, you will earn a special banner. At the end of the weekend anyone who has earned all of the banners will be awarded additional bonus points for their house! I'm making sure that we have a variety of activities to encourage participation, but remember you just need to participate to earn the banner, you don't need to win or place. So everyone join in and earn those bonus house points!

There are some areas that I could use a bit of help with: First if I could have about 4 people to help count points, preferably one from each house. Also a couple of people to help out with making all those banners that I know everyone is going to want to earn. And of course ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Just reply at THIS POST, the comments are screened there. Volunteers can reply here so you'll see where I'll be covered and where I'll need help.

It's looking to be a very fun weekend and I hope you all come out and participate and have a good time. Hogsmeade Weekend will officially begin on Friday, December 7th at 6:30 pm EST. Be Sure To Mark Your Calenders!

Vince daddybear716
Hogsmeade Mayor
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