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Apply for Co-Prefect!

Hello there people :D

As Bunny mentioned a few entries ago, applications are open for the position of the Co-Prefect :D

The job is basically thought as a back-up for the regular Prefects in case something happens to keep them from doing their work.

Unfortunately, there haven't been as many applications as we hoped so this is just a little reminder that you can still apply for the Co-Prefect position in your House Communities.

As a treat, anyone who applies will earn 5 House Points and 2 Knuts to spend in hh_diagon regardless if they're picked or not! :D

To apply for the Co-Prefect position comment to the posts in your House Communities:

Gryffindors go there!
Hufflepuff go there!
Slytherins go there!
Ravenclaws go there! (where applications are REALLY needed, as there are none)


[yes, the co-mod of doom is back :D]
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